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  1. Well, I took mine at Victoria Wedding Gallery.. love their skill, services, and everything..
  2. I prefer the second one too.. look gorgeous and not too plain
  3. Then u may try those near to your house saloon.. well, just to share, one of my friend jz had her ROM last month and bcoz of budget wise and of coz priority issue she think she no need a good or prof MUA and just engaged one of her friend's MUA.. on the actual day of her ROM, the MUA was late and even took more than 1 hour jz to set my friend's hair and complaint my friend's hair is too long and hard to set. End up she was late for her ROM and nevertheless her hair is messy and totally ran out of the shape during the whole ceremony. U make the call.
  4. I believe every bride want to look pretty and perfect on their big day so they wont that mind to spend a little bit more to engage a good professional MUA. The RM400 is the standard price for the current market, if you would like to look for cheaper one then you can try freelance or those new/beginner MUA. As i know, for a make up and hairdo need at least 1 hour+ to 2 hours.. besides that, you need to consider what brand of make up product your MUA is using too.
  5. What have your mum do and make him irritated? anywhere he selfish by this act, he should think in your shoes too.. you are sandwiched between both of them, you are having your hard time too.
  6. U r wrong.. the last payment is pay when collecting/collected the album.. but the amount is small only like 20 to 30% of full payment..
  7. Sorry to say that since u have talked to your husband for many times but he seems like not changing or at least improve from the current situation means he still childish and still want his freedom. How can a husband leave his wife at home when near to delivery date and himselves go out and have fun? I just think that he is irresponsible and never think in your shoes. Ask him to wake up, then look and think deeply what position he is in now.. he going to become a father and right now he is husband but his act like a child.. i believe most of his friends still single?
  8. U go to JPN not on ur ROM that day, it's 1 month in advance before your ROM.. in JPN, when they received your form they will post it on the noticeboard for some period and no objection then you can go for your ROM..
  9. hi hot-choc, Just one of the waitress give us "black face" and the time when serving food to us like she so unwilling.. cincai pour n give to us.. i think she is foreigner, vietnamese.. and u know 1 of my uncle did talk about this matter to the manager.. the manager jz say oh ok, sorry.. then himself serve us.. =.= So far, i hv done my pre shooting and in the stage of waiting for the album.. so nothing much i can prepare now, bcoz still far away.. 1 year to go :P Btw, congatulation to ryokoeve & babyangeline87 too
  10. I will say we reserve more time rather than not enough time.. normally it take 1.5 to 2 hours.. jz like during my pre wedding photoshooting together wif family photoshooting too.. once my MUA done mine, my MIL suddenly came n ask my MUA to help her touch up a bit here n there.. n not end yet, she even called her daughters to do the touch up too.. so by having extra time is better than no.. who know some unforeseen thing might happen sometime
  11. Yes, the food wise is very nice.. but some of the worker tat make u headache seeing them.. :wacko3:
  12. I am Oct 2012 bride too.. well, booked my restaurant already.. so fast fast do research and make the booking.. for my restaurant most of Sat and Sun already fully book.. Hi Alice, May i know which restaurant that you have choose?Mind to share the package with me? We choose Moon Palace at The Mines.. for package we hvnt discuss wif the manager yet bcoz the restaurant is choose by my hb's family and they know the manager too..
  13. I am Oct 2012 bride too.. well, booked my restaurant already.. so fast fast do research and make the booking.. for my restaurant most of Sat and Sun already fully book..
  14. I am one of the victoria customer.. right now in the stage of viewing our demo album before the actual printing.. i will say victoria is good in term of photographer, customer service, and price.. maybe as for gown, it got limited choice.. so girls, first thing you need to set your priority eg. 1. gown 2. photograph quality and etcs.. remember nothing comes perfect.. as for me and my hubby, we goes for photograph quality that's why we choosed victoria and Abbey is our photographer.. she is nice and so do to other staffs in victoria too.. we have glad time together taking our photo and the most important we do take care each other, during my outdoor photo shooting i almost faint because because it's too hot, everyone is just so caring take care of me.. this is my photos shared by Abbey in her fb : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2...100000840896534
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