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  1. I also booked my wedding with DoubleTree for Nov as well. Kind of worried now...since like the comments are not very good in term of the food quality and wedding settings. Hope that somebody will share their actual wedding dinner experience with us soon.
  2. Yeah, I have the same thought as you. Sheraton's ballroom looks a bit old, and Le Meridien can be quite crowded with 30 tables, though the ballroom is pretty nice, but both are not very responsive. Westin is good as I attended few weddings there before, but I did not consider Westin, mainly because most of my friends had their weddings at Westin, hence, it may looks repetitive wedding to me and my friends, since we have the same circle of friends. Therefore, we signed up with Doubletree finally, because it is new but the risk is that we are not sure of the service and food quality though. So hopefully it will turn up good.
  3. Hi all, I am in the midst of deciding whether to hold my wedding at Sheraton or Doubletree by Hilton or Le Meridien for 300 pax? Please share your view.
  4. I am considering renaissance but only have 30++ tables, which means half ballroom. There is a high possibility of sharing the ballroom and worried about the sound effect from the next ballroom. Anyone has any experience on this?
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