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  1. Hi all the BTBs, congratulations to all of you of the coming wedding days. :) I am a BTB too, my actual day will be on 31 Aug 2011. Wedding Day + Raya Aidilfitri + National Day, triple numbers of celebration! I just had my pre-wedding shooting in Bali last month. If you are interested to have a look, give your email address here. I never knew planning a wedding could be so stressed out sometimes, and it takes so much effort and time to plan and arrange! Especially when I am not signed up with any BS, therefore I have to search and arrange everything by myself. Till now, I haven't found my white gown and evening gown yet. Plan to have a tailor-made one. Although planning a wedding can be very tiring, but it is the happiest process which you will cherish for a life time. Happy planning for the big day to all of the BTBs here!!
  2. Dear all, I am looking for a chinese-speaking emcee for my AD wedding reception which will be held in Kuantan in August 2011. I need someone really good and fluent, experienced and able to coordinate the flows very well. Appreciate if anyone could give recommendation. Thanks!
  3. Dear ladies, I am looking for a professional and experienced MUA in Kuantan for my AD which will be held in August 2011. I have no time to go for a trial make up as I am working overseas and I will return just 2 days before the AD. Very much appreciated if anyone could give good recommendation.
  4. No budget constraints. Ling, mind to share with me your pre-wedding photos taken in KCH? and give me some suggestion for the shooting venue. my email: heisehooi82@yahoo.com
  5. share with me! :) heisehooi82@yahoo.com
  6. I need recommendation for BS or Pre-Wedding PG in Kuching. Much appreciation if anyone could provide a list of the recent TOP BS or HIGH-RANKING PG in Kuching since we don't have much time to search and survey around town. So, I want only the BEST in town. TQ!
  7. share with me too! thanks. heisehooi82@yahoo.com
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