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  1. I have been slack and have yet to upload my pics... i will do soon though. :) Will update you asap Anyway to contact them: www.thephotoz.com My package was approximately Rm6000 inclusive of a videographer. However I am not sure the quality of the video as I have not seen it as yet.
  2. Hi all, The excitement of being the blushing bride is all over - almost like an anti climax. Thankfully I still wonderful memories of my wedding clear in my head. I got married on 10 February 2007. As this forum is all about letting opinions be heard, I wish to inform everyone about the tremendous work that my photographers did on my wedding day. If you have been through your wedding, you'll understand what I mean about missing certain things that happen throughout the day as you're too busy making sure everything is ok (more importantly making sure that you look your best ;) ) I have to highly commend the wonderful team of photographers from THE PHOTOZ especially Yeh & Allan. For without them, I would not remember the touching, brilliant and beautiful moments of our wedding. They have truly lifted up to their tagline of "Capturing Moments". I have taken the time to write this comment albeit short because I think that they truly deserve the accolade. All of my friends who have viewed my pics have also resonated the same feelings - that the photos that they have seen are definitely the best ever. Thank you to THE PHOTOZ!!!!
  3. Hi Ailin, thanks for your reply. Your cake looks great!!! So edible. I did call Lilian but unfortuantely she has declined to take on my design. So I have to look into another supplier. Sigh. THanks though!
  4. hi Ailin, congratulations! it is a very beautiful website.
  5. Hi Ailin, I am interested in seeing the designs from your friend lilian. Would she be open to accept designs from me and making them to suit? Can you please email me her wedding cakes? Thx
  6. I went to check out Saujana and have to say I was impressed with it. The surroundings are nice with the view of the man made lake. There are 2 outdoor settings that you can use depending on the size of the party. One is a private area for a small crowd and the other is the poolside. The only downside to the pool area is that they don't cordorn this area so it is not very private. WOrht looking into Saujana.
  7. Oh great Makeup junk, Please let me know how it goes. I had another review from a friend and he said that PGH's food sux.
  8. Hi Ker, Here are the pics. I took some of the best ones :)
  9. Thanks Ker. I saw both of these websites and have requested them both to send me pics of their ballroom & poolside set up. Saujana looked so impressive on the website but the pics from them errr... was below expectations. It looked very small. Still waiting for PGH to get back to me. I saw your other forum about Mines too. I like it but i reckon that their ballroom is too small too. I expect about 40 - 50 tables. I think that they can only fit 20.
  10. Ailin, nice venue!!! Why do you have to hire a canopy - the pic looks like there is shelter there though? Simonne - thanks for your thoughts. Sigh - food vs venue.... which should I go for?
  11. hi renelle, can i view your pics too? joycemylee@yahoo.com thx!
  12. Hmm good question. I didn't enquire about bringing outside food to the venues. Only Saujana mentioned that additional deco will cost RM2k - ie. flowers etc for the outdoor wedding. Corkage is 1st bottle free per table for PGH. First 2 bottles free per table for Saujana. Drinks is first 3 hours free for PGH and 4 hours free for Saujana.
  13. Oh cool thanks Juin. When is your wedding date? I intend to do my wedding vows at their "garden". Hence they are charging me for the venue hire which is $5k. That is exclusive of any food and drinks or deco. Worth it?
  14. Thanks for your opinion. Both places are charging me for their outdoor venue. RM2k for Saujana and RM5k for PGH. Is it worthit??? How horrible is the food in PGH? A lot of people has warned me about it. Does anyone have any pictures of either this venues?
  15. Hi there all, Just wondering if you know anything about either of these 2 hotels? Would love to know your thoughts on the outdoor and ballroom of these places. Please help. :)
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