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  1. Hi all, my 1.5 mth old baby's voice suddenly turns hoarse. I went to the paediatrician because i feel he has alot of phelgm and also i had flu, sore throat and cough the last few days, scared he caught something from me. But the doctor say he does not have phelgm and it's normal. Can i just ask all experienced mothers here for your opinion? Is this due to excessive crying? I have just sent him to nanny this week and worried also that he has been crying excessively at the nanny's place..
  2. hi Jenn, You know my situation from my pregnancy blues thread. After exclusive breastfeeding for one mth (yes, i manage to survive bf for one mth!) i mix FM and BF for my bb. This is bcoz no 1: i have to go back to work soon and my office is not BF friendly. THere is no room for us to pump, only dirty toilet and maybe file room. When i pump i like to be topless because it is very messy. I am not using double pump so when i pump one breast, the other will start leaking and all the milk drip on my clothes! I don't think i should go topless in my office in case any1 suddenly have key to the file room or worse, got cctv in there? hehe... no 2:like you, i thought i do not have enough milk supply for bb wen actually it is enough. It is because i simply do not have the time to pump on time every 3 hours as i have to take care of bb. By the time he finish feed, i have to burp him and wash all the bottles i only have rest for half hour before next feeding begins (he feeds every 2 hours). Last time worse, he feed every hour. Where got time to pump out and store for nanny? Somemore sometimes wen i am pumping halfway, he make noise and i have to stop and go to him. There is no one to help me, no Mom, no MIL etc etc. Of course every1 says breast milk is the best but sometimes it is simply impossible to fully exclusive BF for working mothers. I am in sales line and i have to go out appointments and see clients. I do not mind to carry the pump with me but the susah part is to find a suitable place to do my pumping. As i mention, i like to b topless so i also can't pump in my car lor.... i am slowly reducing my pumping time and to let my bb drink full FM. i feel very guilty for doing this but with my job and sending him to nanny, it seems the best way... BUT, i still try my best to pump whatever and wenever i can to feed him.
  3. how about storage of breast milk. Let's say i pump out 2oz today and i store at fridge. Later i pump out another 2 Oz. Can i mix together and store at freezer? How long can i store at fridge before storing at freezer or do i have to store direct to freezer if i want to keep stock?
  4. thx MeiTeoh. He is doing fine so far and doc say can b discharged today..
  5. qarezma & lydia and all, thanks for your support and encouragement. My son's operation so far is smooth and we are monitoring his condition. Hope he will heal positively and no more fussing in the days to come hehe..
  6. Thanks Zeroflower. He will be admitted today and tomorow surgery at 10.30am. I hope everything goes well and he will be able to come home on Thursday.
  7. Hi Mermyz, how long do we need to take it for? I bought 2 bottles (2nd at 50% discount hehe)...hopefully milk supply will increase....am gonna start taking 6 today... Also i would like to ask all moms here about breast pump. I currently have 2 breast pump, Spectra 3 and Medela manual pump. The reason why i bought the manual pump is because the Spectra was causing me some pain and i find that it doesn't really pump out alot. I yield better result with the manual pump tho my milk supply is still low. The most i can pump out from 2 breast is 2 oz plus... My question is how long do we have to pump for each breast? Do we continue pumping and wait for another let down after the breast stop dripping or do we stop? It seems like i get a let down in about 5 mins then my breast stop leaking. but i can still feel it is slightly hard...am i pumping wrongly?
  8. My baby will go for surgery next Wednesday. Dr say it is a common surgery and he will be able to discharge the next day. I hope everything goes well. I have to starve him from 5.30am till 10.30am on Tuesday morning so am thinking of giving him FM at 5.30am coz if not he will cry and cry for milk by 6.30am.....Hope everything goes well and by thursday everything will be better. Dr say he is also probably in pain that is why he fussing...
  9. Hi Mermyz, I just bought from GNC 2 bottles of fenugreek. It states there take 1 - 2 pills daily. So do i take that or take 6 pills a day? Anyone who took fenugreek before can advice? Thanks
  10. Today went for checkup with his paed and his jaundice is now normal range so that is one problem solved. Another major problem is since birth his scrotum has been swollen (quite big in size) and his paed say that it is water retention, very normal and may take few months for the swelling to go down. However today when she checked she asked us to take him for ultrasound just to see what is the water level. At the ultrasound the sonographer told us that my son most likely need surgery coz what he is having is bilateral hernia and the bowels are going into the scrotum. After consulting with my paed she refer us to another paed surgeon which we will see this Thursday and she also say that my son will need the surgery to stitch the "muscle" back coz now got one big hole there and according to them it is common for premature babies (my son was nearly 39 weeks old when he was born).... I hope the surgery will go well. Seems like one worry after another huh....Anyone's babies experienced this? Is it safe to go for the surgery?
  11. Hi Mermyz, It really helps to calm me when other mummies share the same experiences as mine so at least i know my boy is not abnormal :) So far he has not vomit again juz yesterday nite which relli shocked me. I must hv overfed him.
  12. I came across this while googling for growth spurts. My baby's behaviour is definately like this: Cluster feeding, also called bunch feeding, is when babies space feeding closer together at certain times of the day and go longer between feedings at other times. This is very common, and often occurs in the evenings. It's often -but not always- followed by a longer sleep period than usual: baby may be "tanking up" before a long sleep. For example, your baby may nurse every hour (or even constantly) between 6 and 10 PM, then have a longish stretch of sleep at night - baby may even sleep all night. Cluster feeding often coincides with your baby's fussy time. Baby will nurse a few minutes, pull off, fuss/cry, nurse a few minutes, pull off, fuss/cry... on and on... for hours. This can be VERY frustrating, and mom starts wondering if baby is getting enough milk, if something she is eating is bothering baby, if EVERYTHING she is doing is bothering baby... It can really ruin your confidence, particularly if there is someone else around asking the same questions (your mother, your husband, your mother-in-law). This behavior is NORMAL! It has nothing to do with your breastmilk or your mothering. If baby is happy the rest of the day, and baby doesn't seem to be in pain (as with colic) during the fussy time - just keep trying to soothe your baby and don't beat yourself up about the cause. Let baby nurse as long and as often as he will. Recruit dad (or another helper) to bring you food/drink and fetch things (book/remote/phone/etc.) while you are nursing and holding baby.
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