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  1. Sorry i missed the messages earlier. For czephyr, you can register in malaysia but the lady's father would need to come to malaysia to sign consent, you probably already done that, as for simon kong , check your pm. Thanks.
  2. I forgot to mention they will want a wedding photo in 4R (Full body take) for the social pass application as well.
  3. Dear Everyone, There is not a updated guide nor that is one with full information on Marrying your chinese partner in Malaysia, Hence i am writing one so i could help our friends out there. I am recently married my chinese partner and got a 5 year social visit pass for her as well (first application). My Marriage is done at putrajaya as my wife's birthdate is registered 3 years late then her birth date thus making her 19 this year on paper and china requires minimum 20 to register a marriage. 1) Documentation for your wife - Single Status Declaration [This is the hard part, my wife is from southern hunan and the <ming zhen ju> in her county have never heard of this, hence its a very hard thing for us as i spent 3 months to get this sorted out], We went to the ming zhen ju in the district instead, At first disallowing us to enter but after showing them my passport and that i am a foreigner, they open the door and let me in !... We went straight to the marriage officer, He asked us to go back to our county but we insist that our county asked us to come here, so he searched his computer, and then written a letter <he has a template> saying that my wife is single and has never registered a marraige before. so we paid 200rmb for that and off we go>] -After getting this piece of hand written paper, off we go to the Notorial Office and have it translated. [Certify this at the Ministry of the foreign affairs after translation] - Birth Certificate [Anyone born before 1995 are not likely to have a birth certficate but there is 2 ways to do it] a) Household Registration Book [Photocopy the whole household registration book and have it translated at the Notarial Office [Gong Zhen Ju] [Certify this at the Ministry of the foreign affairs] b) Make a sworn statement at the Notorial Office. [You could also make a sworn statement at the notorial office where they will translate it for you on your birth day/date/location] [Certify this at the Ministry of the foreign affairs] -Parents Consent [in my case, my wife is below 21 years of age by law and is required to have parents consent, they supply you with a yellow form, i forgotten what code is that form] <In my case my father in law is signing the form so below is the process> a) Consent to be signed in Guangzhou Consulate General (Located at Citic Plaza Mall, i.e our embassy) -Prepare Father's Ic Translated at the Notorial Office -Prepare a sworn statement by Father at the Notorial Office saying that he agree for his daughter to be married to "WHOM" -Sworn Statement and Ic to be certified at ministry of foreign affairs. b) Consent to be signed at JPN Putrajaya (This is what i did) -Bring a Certified Translator . Contact Mr Koo (0123399806) if you can't find one, his charges are very reasonable -Translator will read out everything to father in law and father in law to sign after he agrees after translator(interpreter) -Option b is good because, You will anyway need a interpreter to translate the marriage forms to your wifes and then the interpreter to sign on the document after she agrees. [Please be remember all documents shall need to be certified at Malaysian Consulate General (embassy)] Upon Reaching back to Malaysia, it needs to be then re certified at Ministry of Foreign affairs Malaysia [it is in Putrajaya and its service is fast compared to the inefficiency work in china though, the ming zhen ju in china is like a fish market] After you get all this documents, go to JPN Putrajaya, Register your marriage! Hurray, Remember to register it the same day you came back to Malaysia or next. Don't delay or wait, cause if you do so you will need a 2nd visa extension which cost at least Rm100 and lots of hassle. In my case i registered it the next day and the solemnization date is 1 day before my wife's visa expired in Malaysia. After registration, I head to immigration to extend the special pass. Imigration Procedure ------------------------ Go to Imigration Putrajaya and obtains all the forms u need. Just tell them you are applying social visit pass for your chinese wife (china has different documentation) There is 1 document that you need to sign at commisioner of oath {Good News, there is 1 Comm of Oath in JPN!!} Remember to go to Lembaga Hasil (Income Tax), to buy a RM10 Stamp Duty, cause you need it to be affixed in one of the forms. 6 photos each person , 2 photos to be attached to papers and they want another 4 photos each. Remember to bring : Original Marriage Cert Citizen Original IC Photocopy of wife single status notorial letter [JPN will give you a photocopy after taking the original] Passport of Citizen [both wife and your passport shall be photocopied, all pages] On first application, they will extend the visit pass for 30 days, under special pass, fees : RM100.00 Then they will ask you to go back after 3 weeks. When you go back Bring RM1500 Bank Draft addressed too Ketua Pengarah Imigresen (They will give you a paper where they write the beneficiary there) Bring Rm1130 . for JPV(Journey Performed Visa) and Multiple entry Social Pass Social Pass's Period will be granted depending on how strong the documents of the citizen is supplied, i saw a lot of people there getting 6 months only, some 1 year, but in my case i got 5 years. Bring all your income documents and bank statement photocopied when you submit the first time. Okay i am a happily married man now, hope that my experience can help those outside there. Adios~
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