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  1. Good share but i think the makeup takes more than 1/2 hour. My friend took >2 hours for hers
  2. I attended wedding dinner there last year. Food was normal, not great not bad. One of the better restaurants in png though. And no flies encountered. Plus point is definitely easy parking like what mystic said
  3. I was also advised not to rebond before prewedding photoshoot. Harder to style hair. But it depends on the hairstyle u want. If its simple classic bun then it's prob fine. But if you want elaborate burls to last long then rebonding won't help :P
  4. Hi CYKG, You can try Armadale. I had a good experience with them. They're friendly and aren't as calculative as some other bridal studios out there. I had a customized package with them. got dresses for prewedding and AD, car deco etc on AD, flower bouquets (really nice fresh flowers), indoor photography by them and outdoor with my own photographer
  5. Hi can share mrs gan's contact too? peilynn at hotmail dot com. Thanks
  6. He surprised me with my engagement ring, and wanted to buy our wedding rings too but I insisted on 50/50 for the wedding rings. Same reason, that we should be equal partners from now on :) either way it's a personal choice between you two, no right or wrong. Good luck :)
  7. You can try this place, my friend getting her gown from there. RM388 only to rent a gown for AD, which i found very reasonable, so the veils should be reasonable too :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Absolute-Bri...151372848266220
  8. Hi Skye, Do you know where to get nice+reasonably priced kua? I don't have it as part of my package from my bridal studio, so I need to find one on my own if I really want to wear one for tea ceremony. Thanks!
  9. lcpoon, how long did raymond take to make your shoes? I thinking of making mine too, the photos look really nice. Too bad just missed my pre-wedding shooting already but still got AD
  10. Normal regular facial couple of months prior to the wedding should be good enough. My friend applied ampoule before AD also for better skin. Good luck
  11. Can try convertible dress like this, all same color but tied differently for diff style. Unfortunately this seller only has maroon left which is not my color theme but it's an interesting idea still. http://ladiesfash.blogspot.com/2011/04/con...dress-rm69.html
  12. Anyone out there with this white lace umbrella or something similar? Am looking to buy/rent a white lace umbrella for my pre-wedding photoshoot early Sept. Color: White Please contact me with your offer price ASAP. Thanks!
  13. hi messy_cat, I'm interested in the White Lace Umbrella. Is it still availble? Email me at peilynn@hotmail.com. Thanks
  14. Hi Princess's Cottage, can you share the details of the above with me please? peilynn at hotmail dot com Thank you very much
  15. Hi Unknownuserx, Can you please share your package details with me too? Am looking for BS and very headache by the number of choices out there. Email address: peilynn at hotmail dot com Congratulations too btw!
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