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  1. Honestly, RM900 these days can't even get you a decent minimalist Chinesy venue for a reception/banquet. Im also scouting around and so far hotels are out of the question even with a budget of RM1000 - RM1200 per table. Closest to my budget is a quaint non-Chinesy place called Passion Road (go google) at RM110 per pax. Am also considering Sheraton Imperial's Celestial Court but i haven't gotten the quotes yet. Tell you what, lets check it out online and compare notes. Saves half the trouble.
  2. Anyone has quotes to share? I am quite interested in Sheraton Imperial's Celestial Court. Very Chinese indeed. Imagine the deco u can play around with. Shanghai Tang -ish.
  3. I need help, am looking for cheap bakul siah (traditional nyonya peranakan wedding basket) as doorgifts for my guests. Saw in Melaka, they are charging RM10 each. It is big enough just for one egg. Pleaseeee help!
  4. thanks, will go and check it out....... is it expensive though? man, this wedding thing is more complicated than i thought it would be
  5. I was proposed with a Solitaire diamond ring. Question is now, who buys the wedding bands? Me or him? And any recommendations? I would like to know where u bought yours.. thanks
  6. You should check out TH Jewellery at One Utama. They are having clearance sale for loose diamonds and i think u can get something nice for 3k. I got mine 0.5 carat, F colour, SI1 at RM3696 (diamond only). Ring casing at RM840 (white gold). U can find something cheaper there (of course smaller diamond). Hope this helps!
  7. Did you already get the ring? I just purchased one at TH Jewellery (One Utama). Loose diamond (GIA certified) 0.5carat, F colour, SI1 @ Rm3696. White gold classic Ring casing @ 840 TOTAL = RM 4530 (6 RINGGIT DISCOUNT) TH Jewellery is clearing all loose diamonds. Good buy i reckon if you're looking for something big but dont wanna pay so much. Look for Ana, very patient lady.
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