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  1. In the event you start to blame the forum for " not " being clear about the guideline. Here's a little to enlighten you. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1073 The forum and in fact every forum is very clear about their rules, whenever there are violations it is usually a case of ignorance of new joined members and often time they will blame the forum for not stating out clearly. Many don't "read" first before they share. Many "post" first then when sounded, only say the forum aren't clear. The rules will not jump into your head themselves. You are suppose to search for them at threads header and read. In the event also that if you laptop/PC is unable to click the link given. Here's the guideline and hope that you don't blame the forum for not being informative. Dear all, Please take note that topics promoting own websites, portfolios and studios started by members who are the Photographers, Videographers and Owners of Photo Studios have been moved to 'Classified'. Please be informed that any duplication of advertisements in other sections other than in 'Classified' will be DELETED. PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT SOLICITATION OF ANY THREADS IS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. THIS FORUM IS FOR OUR BTBs, MARRIED MEMBERS AND CONCERNED MEMBERS TO SHARE ON THEIR EXPERIENCES, COMMENTS AND OPINIONS. PROFESSIONAL ADVISES ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. DO NOT TAKE THIS FORUM AS A CHANNEL TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CLIENTS, BE IT POTENTIAL OR CONFIRMED ONES. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH MALAYSIABRIDES'S POSTING RULES WILL RESULT IN CANCELLATION AND BANNING OF MEMBERSHIP. Mbrides clearly state that the forum is for Bride to be, Married Members and Concerned Members to share on their experience, comments and opinions. It has never once mentioned that this is a forum created for suppliers to share their work, business, marketing,etc. For new members please read this as well. This isn't only for this thread but the world at large. The forum admin also has the right to request for prove that you are a bride to be or bride has been who has experience in certain supplier and prove to show that they were your supplier if necessary. Forum has rules and it is the obligation of forumers to observe this rather than cursing the forum admin that they should have not do so because the forum is provided for free to all, hence you can opt to start your own forum to see how difficult it is to maintain and how expensive it is to maintain one. The admin needs to sustain the forum. Anyone who comes in trying to lobby for work without permission, is labeled as a thief trying to rob from the founder. Priority goes to bride to be and brides. If you're wondering why the founder don't want to make this a " VENDOR FRIENDLY " forum, the answer is...it actually is a VENDOR FRIENDLY forum. Just that you are not a vendor. So the forum isn't an " Illegal Forumer Friendly" forum. Take note.
  2. Hi Photoglebe, We all welcome you to stay and learn and share. But there are many thin lines in business solicitation. The mod here are strict and if you have any quotes that present your work, or how to contact you for your service it will be remove without a prior notice. If you continue to pursue in any ways at all, your post will be reported to the admin for further action. Including banning, and also blacklisting of your service permanently. Only registered vendor here is allowed to share their business model, marketing, etc Hope you read the forum rules. gl
  3. For those who are trying their luck to pull clients through public forum after PM has been blocked, please do not attempt to continue. Grace period will be given but if you continue ( you are observed ) the admin will remove your post and we will not hesitate to label you as " Fraud business " and ask forumers to beware. Once you are labelled so, all forumers will be reminded that you are not a reliable vendor. gl
  4. Before I start spamming your youtube page and your facebook page, you better remove ALL your post. Otherwise you may want to try out how you make others here feel, your page being contaminated with rubbish and unfair trade. This would be my final call. If I don't see anything else changes.....I will see you in your facebook account and youtube accounts and reveal how unethical you are in doing business by being stubborn. gl
  5. Since you claim that you are a professional I shall reply professionally as well. First and foremost, you are violating forum rules. You are not only promoting yourself but at the same time by posting the same post in several threads are considered as spamming. Spamming can subject you to banning not to mention soliciting for business in open forum which can also subject to removal of your post or both banning at the same time. What you are doing here is highly unfair to many. So kindly remove your post , all of them..before action needs to be taken to be removed, which is not a very nice sight because then you will be labelled differently. PLease take effort to read forum rules before joining. This is not a sampah forum. It is a forum with rules gl
  6. I believe Susanleo has found her dream photog. Even if she hasn't, you don't have the right to fish for business here. This is a forum solely for brides, not for vendors unless you are registered. Advertising and fishing for business here is strictly prohibited. If the moderators here catch any signs of fishing for business or using multiple identity, you will be ban and black listed. Kindly be reminded. gl
  7. Hi,. To answer to your question. YES again....that I am in here to cut off illegal people here who tries to con. As you said...my friend as well got conned and i was severely pissed! If you took the time to look at my first few post you would've realized that. So try to make some research first before answer. Secondly, please note your own self. If truly you are not "so free" to read forum rules...then I don't know why you are "so free" to promote your friend. Right back at you " whoaaa, you really so good meh???? " Third, you kept mentioning its real experience. Now in the court of law, this is called your words against mine. My real experience now is that you = magiccutpro. I am also only sharing my 'real life' experience. What made you think you are more superior that your real life experience is the only real thing? Sorry to tell you this, but yes you are a stupid person. If you use two of your eye and one part of your brains to read properly, you would've notice that I asked you to present this evident to the admin. In which he has the right to request in times of doubts. So yes, to answer to another statement of yours, you are quite stupid. No rules say no sharing. But many rules mention to no promotion. Look at your post. If they are not promotion, what are they? First you must know, again the admin pay quite a sum to maintain this forum. You guys have been selfish to get business without paying to help maintain. If you cannot think about this, let me explain...try to walk into Jusco now...and then start going into one of the boutiques and start telling people that your boutique is very nice, and keep sharing it with everyone who goes inside that boutique. See if they owner will shoo you out! If the owner welcome you doing so. Then again, I am ready to even give you a cup of tea and say sorry. This is exactly what you are doing. You have no business there. If you are here to look for information, by all means. But your post merely are just to promote. So yes, you are illegal. Again I must say.. Don't say you're not so free to read the rules. These are only things mentioned by a kid of about 3 years of age. I believe you are a grown up. If you get caught for speeding and a traffic police stop you and summon you, do you think that if you tell him you are not so free to read the traffic speed limit there, he will say, ok you can go? Again, please....save yourself some trouble and move on. Fighting more here will only prove more of your wrong doings. Trust me, I will keep replying until you finally shut your own mouth. If you want to pursue this conversation all the way, I am ready for you. But first, please prove to the admin that you are a bride in the past and you have employed the said videographer to shoot and you are a satisfied client indeed. Why do you have to prove but not me? Simple...you promote...I didn't. Means you break rules, I didn't. OMG! Magiccutpro....Another faker posted self praise comments about themself?? Hello CBE, How you can say hellobetty = me = magiccutpro??? Please don't make your own judgement & statement on your own!! What the truth is that magiccutpro is already become my friend after my AD. I am trying to recommend my friend's works to others. Is this illegal?? Furthermore, I am really their genuine customer. I am not bullshit here. You can choose not to believe me as forum is a place where you also don't know whether the comments / posts are genuine or not. Just like your comments / posts. We don't know you as well. Can you say you are genuine? How we are going to prove that?? Who's know you = CBE = conman = VG/PG/MUA that are trying to pull those listed PG/VG/MUA here by putting bad comments on them?? A forum is a place for sharing, not a place to quarell & misleading others... You should be the one that are banned / blocked by this forum instead!!! gl gl
  8. Good question. YES...your act is illegal. It is stated clearly here no business promotion nor solicitation. When you keep posting up that video company, that is considered promotion. They never say " no self promotion ". You are to share your experience when people ask about a specific brand, bridal shop, etc. The thing here is nobody ask about magiccutpro and you keep on writing about them. That is consider promotion. Whether its a self promotion or not, its questionable true. Kindly activate yourself and think a little bit, just because you claim to have been a friend then suddenly your business promotion is "legal" ? Think about it! Suddenly there will be 200 people registering and claiming that they have become friends with the vendor, now they can promote them in here? I don't need prove to say whether I am a normal user or whatever. Why? Because I did not violate any rule here. I did not do any business solicitation. Hence I do not need to prove to anyone who I am. But you claim that you are a satisfied client, hence you now requires to prove yourself that you really are a satisfied client. If you want privacy , I can arrange the admin to receive your IC photocopy and the so called satisfied work that the video company has done for you so that we can verify that you truly is a client, at the same time present your ROM certificate to verify that you are really a married bride who employed them, at the date long before this since you have the experience which means you have gotten this service some time ago for verification. This has been done before in the forum and the admin is very open to receiving all the documents for prove. You are so sure you are the client, are you willing to do so? Once the admin saw all these documents and confirm, I will gladly apologise to you in public, but yet it doesn't mean after that you can openly throw out links to that video company. Rule is still rule, if you don't like the rules, you can choose another forum to promote. I have no interest over here. I did not say any other vendors are bad. I am just suspecting vendors who do things unethically this way are ridiculous. You can ask them to pay for the advertisement fee here in classifieds if they want to advertise. If not, please....don't do it such a cheap way. So, please don't talk about misleading.....when you are misleading. I am merely stating out that what you are doing is illegal. SO until you prove yourself to be a legal real client of them which are very satisfied, kindly refrain from claiming otherwise. Lying will get people no where. My statement still stands until you prove yourself. You can complain to the admin saying that I stop you from advertising for magiccutpro. I would really love to see if he will encourage you or discourage you. We will be waiting for your prove that you are a satisfied married bride. Don't take too long. I am more than ready to apologise the moment you prove yourself. By the way, I am also a friend to many other vendors, namely Coca-cola's management, some video company, some photogs, some makeup artist, some and some and many more. Perhaps now I should start recommending all of them because I have good experience with them in here? For your info, this forum is not FREE. The admin requires a lot of money to maintain the forum. So when you promote freely, it is considered as robbing from the admin. Do rethink before you reply again. OMG! Magiccutpro....Another faker posted self praise comments about themself?? Hello CBE, How you can say hellobetty = me = magiccutpro??? Please don't make your own judgement & statement on your own!! What the truth is that magiccutpro is already become my friend after my AD. I am trying to recommend my friend's works to others. Is this illegal?? Furthermore, I am really their genuine customer. I am not bullshit here. You can choose not to believe me as forum is a place where you also don't know whether the comments / posts are genuine or not. Just like your comments / posts. We don't know you as well. Can you say you are genuine? How we are going to prove that?? Who's know you = CBE = conman = VG/PG/MUA that are trying to pull those listed PG/VG/MUA here by putting bad comments on them?? A forum is a place for sharing, not a place to quarell & misleading others... You should be the one that are banned / blocked by this forum instead!!! gl
  9. If you are new, the first thing you need to do is read the forum rules. No self promotion and no business solicitation here. I am sure you are a photographer. Do not attempt to post gallery or whatever way try to contact members or suggest your service or you will be reported and you will be banned and to another level, blacklisted. Please take note.
  10. Hi Vincy / Mandy, I'm actually a freelancer which offering photography & videography service with reasonable price. If you still interested & looking for the right 1 for your important day, maybe i can help. I hope you were sent to school during your learning years. The rules are clearly stated out. The fact that you are still violating forum rules states three things : 1. You are ignorant 2. You did not went to school 3. You don't give a heck care about feelings of another party, which directly contributes to you will NEVER care if you screw up a wedding or not. Kindly remove before more words are put into your so called newbie service. You may be blacklisted permanently for all forumers.
  11. Dear all, Magiccutpro is officially being listed as fraudulent vendor from now onwards. They have been consistently having more than I think 5 different user name and marketing their brand. hellobetty=magicutpro themselves. Blowing own whistle with thick face claiming that they are your AD videographer is utter bulltshit with almost all of your post only coming in to recommend them. You think brides are stupid huh? At least I won't be. You have been reported to the admin and your IP has been asked to be banned. Don't try to come with different IP in anyway you can. Because I will personally track you down. Brides, beware Magiccutpro is a liar videographer who cons bride about how good they are by pretending to be satisfied brides. Seriously, if a vendor is good, there is no need for such pretends. If they do that, imagine what other stuff they can lie to you about. Your once in a lifetime may be ruined...their portfolio or whatever may also be another person's work. No one can prove it anyway since they are so good in lying. Never respond to magiccutpro. Try not to share your email address in public. If you guys are looking for reasonable and reliable ones, you can even check out vendor in here and you can email them directly without getting harrasment from every liars here. Take care!!
  12. Hello Herher, You are so nice to your friend, or yourself. I am going to try to be as nice as I can. No promises. I am about to start a list to post up scary con men story of wedding providers, yes, in this wedding entertainment section. Please don't blame me if story defames you. But I won't hessitate to take my sweet pretty little time to write a whole story of how providers here con brides and advice bride to be NEVER to hire any of them. I plan to put a list, stating name, tactics of approach and how they lie to brides. I may also warn about inexperience, lack of ethic which may include consuming money without performance back, screwing up weddings, fake website, fake portfolio, etc. I really wish I do not need to include your site and name into it. So I hope you remove this post in the soonest time possible. Because seriously, I will post up stuffs about you. Yea, you have been attacked by people here saying you are a con and you advertise, so now you think that by explaining yourself that you are a friend "honestly" and you are helping a friend, then suddenly everyone here turn to be some retarded bride and stupidly believe all your lies? Get a life! No one here is stupid for your information, sorry to be crude but by far, you are obviously you posses a rather tiny brain. Naive as you can be, if you continue to do this, it only shows you are guaranteed to screw up a bride's wedding. So please, be nice to yourself, remove this before I get the admin to remove it for you. Because once they do, I will assure you, there is a blacklist in malaysiabrides and I will personally see that your name is added to it. You have been given notice, leave with grace, delete your post. If I still see it the next time I come back...please click on a thread in this when it pops up to read about you. The thread should be titled " Scary stories of wedding entertainer that spoils bride's wedding permanently". I will do it, I have done it...and I will bring in real cases and I will relate it to stubborn people like you. Please..... Hi Branda, I would recommend you to take a look at http://www.alantainment.com/ Seen alan himself working, he could really make a event lively and happening. A really funny fellow too, if ur interested, let him knw my name DJ Voon, he probably could give you a discount. :) Well, I'm his friend to be honest but wont a friend help out one another? But just my 2 cents, he's really good at what he does. gl
  13. Another reason why all brides to choose carefully who you pay anything to.. if they pop out of nowhere asking you for deposits and claim they are very good and has done a lot of job, it means nothing. They can run away in a single night without you having any power to do anything. Who's to control them? Nobody...who you gonna complain to? Nobody as well. They may just call you up last minute and tell you sorry they cannot do anything. Read on... A bride and groom were humiliated on their wedding day when the wedding planner disappeared with RM37,000 in cash and goods, Harian Metro reported. The victim said that the wedding planner was supposed to provide catering services, invitation cards, bridal wear and accessories for the wedding. “Unfortunately, a day before our wedding last September, the planner sent an SMS informing me that he could not provide all the services as promised,” the victim said. According to the victim, there was nothing they could do at that point. “We were forced to serve snacks to our guests,” the victim said. The modus operandi of the wedding planner was to get customers to deposit a sum of money into his mother’s bank account. The victim who had contacted planner’s mother, said she told him that she was not aware of her son’s activities. “The mother even claimed that she was no longer in contact with him,” said the victim, who lodged a police report.
  14. Bakayoko = eggs production. Going around telling about a reliable videographer. All a bunch of lies. Brides becareful. Someone who needs to pretend as someone else to praise themselves to get business, I think the reliability is limited. By the way, I have also information about a few more fake forumers even within this thread. You know who you are when you read this. So please leave and find a free forum instead if you want business. If you do not leave and I see another post ( I am following and tracking your nick ) I will personally annnounce who you are and I am sure you will see your name on the blacklist panel very very soon.
  15. Barista, Business solicitation is not allowed here. Tracking your PM, you have been exposed as a photographer yourself. Before there's a need to post up your PM in the past on public forum, I suggest you leave and not pretend like you have a relative who is satisfied with a particular photographer. Brides and vendors, please take note of this. A report for fraudulent member has been sent to the admin on user Barista. Hi, please PM me your contact number or email address so that we can discuss further.
  16. Seriously, after about 2 and a half years of registering in this forum and right after the forum blocked the PM, you suddenly have a very well done job and very pro photographer to share? What were you doing for the past 2 and a half years in Mbrides?
  17. PLease remove all your post. If you don't nevermind, I have asked admin to ban your IP for cheatin. Don't come and try to pull stunt here by posting as much as you can neutrally and distribute your signature. YOu think people here are stupid as you? Please, you're a newbie in photography. Picking up a camera don't mean you're a pro. If you think so, you really have a lot more to learn before you start. Ridiculous stubborn people like you deserves no place in MB. Don't cheat the brides already please. Brides, if any of you receive PM from Chun Keang, please take note, he is a con man photographer and doing things illegally who is just started out with photography. He has no respect for forum rules nor fellow photogs and vendors here. Please put him in your block/ignore list before your special day turn out like that sad story brides share. Chun Keang is con man photographer. I repeat. This is what you will get if anyone is stubborn to advertise without paying his due to administrator here. No respect to admin, vendors, = no respect for brides. Please leave, you are not welcomed. gl
  18. Wow Chun Keang, speaking like a pro. Sadly you are far from it. Looking at your pictures on your blog, they look like something my mother can do. Second of all you have been warned many times about advertising here. Now you return to just post here and there giving advice pretending like you're some pro with NO SINGLE EXPERIENCE on wedding shoot. What do you know really? You apologised that time modifying your post and now you return with signature. It shows how a conmen you are. Brides, beware of this guy! I have reported your post to moderator and has asked him to ban your IP address. Sorry, I thought of giving you a chance to stay around to learn, you seemed to be quite a super conmen, lying to everyone in fact saw one of your ad somewhere saying you already had several enquiries/job but the real fact is you have NONE. Please we don't need new conmen. Yes, reserve a place for your photographer. If you can, please order something seperately for your photographer before dinner starts. Some noodles will do. The poor guy often don't get to eat much even if you reserve a place for him. A professional photographer will take care them self so don't worry about it. ____________________________________________________________ Penang Wedding, Portrait & Event Photographer – Chun Keang Photography http://chunkeangphotography.blogspot.com/ gl
  19. Sadly your experience was so bad. My experience was a little different as the fellow was using PM and he's some freelance photog who claims to be working with numerous bridal shop last time ( as though that means they're good ). Then also how many other user praises his work, until when all has ended and things get sour all those users are actually himself, I think he has about 7 to 8 useraccount in MB. Don't be surprise if someone else have more. Brides won't be that free to come in and help promote a photog from day to day. WHen that happens, that user account is very suspicious. Bride MAY come in and complain only when things are bad. That's the trend in Malaysia anyway. Honestly, Malaysians are not so helpful in nature, so when this happens in this forum...it is usually bluff. Shame on you all fake users. They say a curse works with just a few words. I would like to curse those imposters that they will have many difficulties in life, to their parents and also their children will experience many many years of bad luck, bad health. You are no different from thieves and deserves to go to jail. I hope if you don't pay for pretending to praise your ownself, I hope that your family members and loved one pays for it. Sorry to be cruel but people don't seem to bother if the curse is on them. Hence, congratulations if you are one of them around here. Watch out for your family. They will suffer because of your actions. Brides, don't take PM from freelancer/bridal studios that are not registered as vendor. They are mostly cheats who can't get business and tries to make a few in here using the free way. You have legal vendors here, who work hard and are accountable and pays quite a sum to maintain their advertisement here. It is not difficult to drop them a message.
  20. Unknownuserx, Perhaps it is just reference. If 100 forumers say good thing bout one photographer, I may give em a benefit doubt. You'd be surprise that one cheating photog opens 8 -15 accounts here to do self praise and recommendation. And they are getting smarter, they stay around longer, they reply in other post where topics of life, topics of gown, food, hobby, etc to make you not suspect them. How do you verify which is true? Its difficult. But I talk about accountability. If one person is not accountable to anyone, you hire him, you're in for a deep crap. Life's simple, they screw up your wedding, what you gonna do next? Complain to a professional wedding photo organisation? Complain to malaysiabrides admin? Complain to police? Complain to whom? I can only think of one party you can complain to for all these straying photogs. You can try your luck complaining to his father or mother. Maybe they will tell you sorry and whack their child's hand a bit with a ruler. Professional isn't staying at home, coming to malaysiabrides and start seeing who wants a photog and then they just message them and say, i got a cheap package, very good...or pretending to be someone else recommending the same time. Cause if things fail, they'll just go back to their home.....stay for a few months come back...and life goes on. Professional is having an accountability issue. One where you are answerable to someone of higher authority when you fail. Vendors of malaysiabrides, at least have a place where brides can come in and tell the admin that these are fraudulent vendor. Or they can go to the classifieds segment and tell them how bad a service attitude they provide and everyone will know. If he/she not a vendor. YOu wanna post in a normal thread? Give it a few months, your post will be pushed to like page 3 page 7....do you view the forum pages that far away? Chances are no one will see it. Forumers here are usually new, we don't stay here forever. True food review can tell you thousands of story at the end you judge whether nice or not. LIke how TV went to do this SS15 taiwan dessert, you can go try it for like RM6 or something. If you think it sucks, then you lost RM6....you can stop eating. Are you sure you can have the same attitude for your wedding phtography? Let them charge you RM1000 lets say, then they come out with bad photos, or they don't return you photos, or they take 6 months and return not satisfactory photos or give you attitude problem. Will you say " oh nvm.....let the RM1000 go la...small figure, next time I just don't hire him/her" Somethings' funny here. YOU WON'T HIRE ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER! Its ruin forever. Brides who compare their `once in a lifetime to food' I hope you take it a little more seriously. Your marriage is not a vegetable so to speak. ANyways, good luck to all brides.....its not my wedding, its over and I am 100% sure there will be bride who will get conned again and cry. I am also 100% sure there are tonnes of cheating, new wannabe photogs reading this right now. If you are reading this, please stop doing harm to people. It's not life, but it is a big part of life! One day you may get married too, there are karmas! Don't let it fall on you..or worst, don't let it fall on your family, your child, your wife, your husband. Worth it meh like that con people? Worth it meh go on stealth mode PM ppl and offer service? You know you're illegal, if your work is good....stand up, if you're hiding.....you are most probably ashame of yourself. YOu should be! If you're not....shame on you! Memalukan the professionals...
  21. Amount of brides or clients who get conned are a lot. I am sure, most forumer won't know about it and think that things like that happens around. Sadly malaysia is still IT illiterate....or at least, not active. We wait to be spoonfed and we usually don't share it online about things. I will slowly show cases of real people getting conned, disappointed, cheated and let forumers decide if it is worth it to just hire any tom dick and harry who walk in here and say " hire my ad photog, he's perfect, did a great job, look at his portfolio, perfect etc etc. Up till today, the nigerian scam of trust fund entrusted to human because of death factor still works in malaysia. This is all because of how we are still a nation who always believes in fairy tale too much. Just like those african con job, think about how many ppl got conned but never report...and you never find out. Do a statistic check and you will soon find out there are thousands every year that falls into traps and just remain silent. Same thing with photog, wedding gown and other vendors. Why do you book hotel? Would you dare just get someone who recommend you a guy name Ah Kau who come telling you he got a restaurant that he is can accomodate 500 people and provides one of the best food, he shows you a premise and then it looked like a castle then ask for 50% deposit which is half of the price for the hotel you wanted to go? Surprisingly , most will say...no this is not reliable. But for not for vendors here. WHy? Because these are called negligible fee. Things that does not cost 5 figure, we usually are less reluctant to give it a shot. Deposits may cost 300-800 only. So what? Your wedding only ma....no photo, bad spoilt damage picture ma damage la right? WRONG! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...22074807AAZh9oa http://www.reviewstream.com/reviews/?p=38094 http://photo.net/wedding-photography-forum/00LNG9
  22. Hi Amanda, I share the same sentiment because I was disappointed with the vendor I appointed based on super budget pricing, and "so called" references I get around in the forum. I am going to post in ( if i have time ) once in a while links that let brides read about horror story and the right way to select. I don't even want to tell them which is good it is no point. Many brides sadly see many type of pictures as "same" or some when see heavily edited pictures they consider them " great ". It is not, just an edit anyway. Unknowuserx, Sorry to cut the supply of reference off. But seriously, you really think and know you're getting right references in here? I have seen brides posting up their pre wedding photos and blog to share in here and just to find out even those, are fake. You really wanna believe forumers in here when they tell you their photographer did a perfect job, first class service? I am quite sure most forumers here can't even name all the photographers listed in the classified's segment. It is funny that when so happen, we still need recommendation from outside photog? It is like home food also we cannot eat finish but we keep on eating out wasting money. Prices of vendor here as I know have covered almost every range of pricing you can get outside. What outside provide, these people also provide. The segment is started to help bride and I somewhat want to believe they are most reliable. At least I view it this way since they are vendor : 1. If they show off with you, give bad attitude, run away with photos.....100% their name will be destroyed in this forum becuse you will come in and post in their classifieds advertisement if they don't respond to you. But if you hire someone `out of nowhere' you got anything, you complain here, you think they will care? They're market is not Malaysiabrides anyway, hence they don't care if you want to say whatever. As you see here, many photos outside have been complained about, but they don't care and business goes on as usual. The more association they are in, the more reliable and responsible they will have to be in. Cause if you complain to their association, advertiser that they con you, they will be kick off and be blacklisted. Think twice, how are you going to blacklist a photog that is never in malaysiabrides in the first place? Risk is higher. 2. Proven track record. Look at the service attitude of vendor here, do you see them being non responsive? They don't dare. Because if they don't reply to you, all you do is post something here and say vendor do not want to entertain you, they will quickly have to do that. When you look for outsire reference, it is like...going to Midvalley....and asking the people and crowd in there about food, products that are from petaling street. Buy liow, they run away, you wanna complain in midvalley also they dun care. Think bout your once in a lifetime. Seriously, a lot of brides after their day....getting those ppl who lie about pro service.... failed...but they will not come back in to report. Because they know, its all over...no point. And the lies will be going on and on and on, because these ppl...have nobody that they are responsible for... You won't dare to just hire one tepi jalan indonesian to renovate ur whoe house rite? Sometime they may just not return to complete your job. You think you can complain them to anyone? Who will care? ONly we will cry.
  23. A link that shows some story of real people hiring photographer they find here and there giving them budget photography, new comer photography, cheats and lies. http://twelvestone.com/forum_thread/view/38839 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...-close-ups.html Take a moment to think about hiring someone who will not only do a good job, but one that will not fail. There are lots of new people who buys a DSLR today and suddenly they are a "professional wedding photographer". In what sense? It is only self claimed! Nobody endorse them, no proven track record, many may even have no single experience but still wanna earn. A person holding a professional slr don't mean they are pro, but only mean they have purchase new camera. A pro is dedicated, invest, run for competition, always improve, has a backup plan, experience is definitely a plus point. Send a new soldier to war for first time, he'll probably die. But in wed photography the bride will lose everything! Choose wisely, find endorsement, reference, experience, and evaluate character, ask for backup, what if camera breaks down, what is the backup? Phone camera? If he fall sick, does he has a backup?
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