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  1. No one is raging on that Audreys is expensive. It's not expensive, just not cheap. You can find cheaper stones with a little effort. However, if you rather not go through the trouble, then buy from Audreys. I suggest going to their brick and mortar store ... where you can haggle for a discount. (Always haggle for a discount. There is always room to go down from a listed price.) If you can wait, sales and fairs are the way to go. A friend of mine got his 0.5 G VS2 triple-ex, H&A for around RM4,600 this April from the Wah Chan fair. The WG setting was around RM700 (?) (not too sure about this, but definitely lower then RM1000). The links you have are not current. The promotion period is stated on both JPGs. Diamond prices went up around 30% ... end of March 2011, I think ........ due to a wage hike in India where most diamonds are cut.
  2. I've gotten diamonds that are cheaper then Audreys. I would give some tips but I suspect that you are from Audreys who is here promoting the site.
  3. Wah! I didn't know that chinese tea is not served. I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the brochure! Must have missed it... Regarding florist, I also have not surveyed as my mom is now thinking maybe no need to do anything in Taiping.. waiting for her to make up her mind!
  4. I have gone and asked Flemington before ... their published rates are RM398++, RM468++, RM538++ & RM988++ for 10 pax. RM398++ - Five Hot & Cold Combinations - Braised Sharks Fins with Crab Meat & Dry Scallop - Steamed Salted Chicken with Chinese Herbal - Pan Fried Prawn wtih Salt & Pepper - Fried Assorted Vegetable Delight - Steamed Red Snapper with Chef Sauce - Lotus Leaf Rice - Sweet Double Delight They will also provide as complimentary items - Cake cutting ceremony - 2 bottles Sparkling Juice (for 20 tables and above) - 6 invitations per table (for 20 tables and above) - Guest Book (for 20 tables and above) - Door Gifts (T&C applies) - 1 night stay at Flemington Hotel on Wedding Night (for 30 tables and above) - Projector, LCD TV - Basic Decorations for Reception Table & Stage - Special Decoration for Main Table - Wedding Arch - Grant Wedding March & First Course Food Presentation - 50% Food tasting (for 30 tables and above) - Free Food tasting (for 40 tables and above) - RM13/soft drink bottle - RM12/ beer bottle - RM13/ stout bottle - No corkage for wine & hard liquor but hotel won't provide waiter to serve the alcohol This is the info from the brochure I took in April 2011! :) Better call 05-820 7777 to comfirm. Website: http://www.flemingtonhotel.com.my
  5. I am actually very glad that the forum admins have been very vigilant to try and cut down on spam and unethical behavior in Malaysia Brides but I just have one comment about taking away the PM. Because the PM feature has been taken away, when we want to request information, we have to put down our email addresses so that the original poster can contact us with the information. This will allow the illegal vendor to mass email spam us and worse, our email addresses will be harvested as a target for even more spam outside this forum. Just a comment ya? No offense meant.
  6. Nope. After I read all the HORROR STORIES about bridal studio, I decided to hire my own photographer and MTM my own wedding dress. Oh glad to hear that, so did you sign up at the end?
  7. No worries Amanda! Good to hear that you have found a photographer! I am not too sure about the Chinese calendar but I heard it is normally out in August! :)
  8. Here are some contacts that I inquired: Remy Ngan remyngan@yahoo.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/mimi-make-up...27091356?ref=ts Michelle Touche (She is quite good but SUPER EXPENSIVE) michelletanmakeover@yahoo.com (her website domain has expired) Cue're Cheah cuerecheah@gmail.com http://www.cuere.blog.com/ Cathy cathy@simplychic.com.my http://simply-chic.blogspot.com/ Yen Tan (normally recommended by Gene Lim when she is unavailable) yen.9makeup@yahoo.com http://www.wretch.cc/blog/yenmakeup/13281881 Hi, I'm a freelance makeup artist. You can contact me at littlefashionfrenzy@gmail.com for more information :) Btw, congratulations for your BIG day :)
  9. Ya! I also heard that it is very hard to book Gene. I am lucky that she was available on my AD. Why don't you try Remy? I heard she is also quite in demand. I also got her quote but when I heard Gene was available, I confirm her immediately! Recently finally confirmed the ROM date and now start looking for MUA.... Popular MUA eg: Gene/Angie all fully booked... sigh...
  10. Hi Jacqueline, They are very nice. Unfortunately, they are not my size. Thanks anyway.
  11. Hi Coupiku! I will be ROM-ing at the morning church ceremony in Subang, most likely.. I still have not gone to JPN to go and check out all the legal stuff. HAIZ....
  12. Hi Carmen! I am also interested about the dolls. Email me at the.wongs@live.co.uk Thanks! :)
  13. There's always the fabulous Gene Lim. http://www.genelim.com/
  14. Hi Jacqueline, What size are the Salabianca shoes? :)
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