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  1. Are your Avent storage bottles & breastmilk storage bags still available? Please e-mail me at sheenatoyat@gmail.com. Thank you.
  2. Are the disposable breast pads still available?
  3. Are the Autumnz breast milk storage bags still available for sale? Please e-mail me at sheenatoyat@gmail.com. Thank you!
  4. Are the Autumnz Breast Milk Storage Bags still available for sale? Please e-mail me at sheenatoyat@gmail.com. Thank you!
  5. Hi, Kiwipat. Could you please share your CL's contact with me? sheenatoyat@gmail.com Thank you!
  6. I initially planned to wear 2 dresses during my wedding dinner - a cheongsam during my 1st march-in & a tea-length dress during my 2nd march-in. But my mother insisted that brides have to wear their (white) wedding gown during the 1st march-in. Is this true?
  7. 1) Champagne & gold knee-length strapless / tube dress = RM200 Bought from Eva Enchanted, worn once for engagement blessing. Selling as I don't have many occasions to go out & wear nice dresses. (Sounds so sad, hor, but it's true.) Comes with a detachable gold ribbon that can be pinned to the back/front/any place of your choice. 2) Black & white knee-length dress = RM200 Bought from the States, worn once for a wedding dinner. Selling for the same reason as above. In the picture below, I have tied the shoulder straps into a ribbon behind my neck to create a halter-neck look. 3) Salabianca red beaded heels = RM100 Bought as 2nd-hand from a fellow M'sian bride forumer. Have not used it since I bought it - selling it as my future mother-in-law has already bought me another pair of shoes. Size 38. All items located in Selangor, available for either COD or postage. Prices negotiable :)
  8. Glad you managed to find a great dress - Karen Millen dresses are gorgeous. Unfortunately I can't afford them, even with 50% off, haha.
  9. Dear Chantal, May I have his contact, please? :) My e-mail is sinejane@gmail.com. Thank you!
  10. Sorry about taking so long to e-mail you the pictures - have not checked this thread in a long time. Please check your e-mail - you should have them by now.
  11. The quotations I have are for 2011/Jan. 2012, so I'm not sure if they're applicable, but I've sent them to you already, anyway.
  12. Sorry for the delay - I have not checked this thread in a long time. I've sent you the quotations I have.
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