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  1. Met 3 clients in a row here, got 2 confirmed deals, what a good start of March :)

  2. A deal in Australia is confirmed this morning, can't wait to be there :)

  3. Attending a client's church wedding rehearsal, met some familiar faces among the bridesmaid team, 1 even was my bride before :)

  4. Hi sarahjean, We might be able to help, feel free to send us an inquiry @ info@photoglebe.com or contact 012-3099338 (Ken).
  5. It's Christmas! I remember last year Christmas and the eve, I was shooting. This year no shooting on both dates, can enjoy! :)

  6. Heading to SG. Petani for a shooting tonight & tmr morning, luckily the bride has arranged the transport for me, I can sit back to FB :)

  7. Dear Mary, This is Ken from PhotoGlebe, though we are based in KL, one of our Photographer, Sandy is actually from Miri. Feel free to check out the relevant sample artworks from us by clicking the links listed below. Links to relevant samples · SDE Video · SDE Photo Slideshow · Latest Photo Sample · Past Year Photo Sample · Pre-Wedding Sample Feel free to contact us for further information or clarification, looking forward to hear from you soon :) We can be reached at photoglebe@gmail.com or +6012-3099338 (Ken).
  8. Dear amosis99, Feel free to drop us an inquiry at photoglebe@gmail.com We will get back to you with our package details.
  9. Heading to SG again to shoot for a garden wedding tomorrow, exciting !

  10. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! I'm done with my morning "exercise", ie. posted 3 delivery, replied all inquiries, now time to go for celebration, Japanese buffet, yay! :)

  11. Dear all BTB 2013. This is Ken from PhotoGlebe, www.facebook.com/photoglebe. Do visit us when you are surveying for Photography/Cinematography service for you big day. Congrats to all
  12. Dear Juliza, We might be able to help, kindly drop us an inquiry at photoglebe@gmail.com.
  13. Dear Phoebie, Congratulation to you for your coming big day. This is Ken from PhotoGlebe, www.facebook.com/photoglebe. You may drop us your inquiries at photoglebe@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hear from you soon :)
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