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  1. Thanks a lot. I do find two person to be a bit too simple (well, obviously there will be two other friends there, to be the witness), and I do hope that there could be a line that both of us could agree upon. Thanks wgpictures. You may be joking about Vegas, but I think that is what he has in mind! The reason him giving is that he wants it to be a personal and intimate wedding, and he believes that this is a matter of two hearts. He does not like to put on wedding like it is a show. I think I am not able to convince him on how my family is important to me. Like you said, a wedding without a ceremony of parents sending off their daughter, into the hands of another man in my opinion, would be an incomplete marriage. And I am afraid that looking back, I will regret it. I do not think it is too big of a problem for him to compromise as well, and I do not know why it is so hard for him to! I do not understand. =( He said that he will instead, spend one whole month with my parents after the wedding, but it is just different. I am losing all ways to tell him or trying to convince him, without forcing him. Thanks for your warm welcome and wishes.
  2. Hmm, just would like to spill my heart here. I apologise if it is too draggy. My HTB and I are generally non-traditionalist, so we like to keep everything sweet and simple, because it is for us. Even the proposal was as well. Because we are in a LDR, we work really hard to be together and eventually, with me being aboard with him (he is not a local). We were planning to have a wedding later this year, however, he wanted it to be a ceremony for just the two of us. He said that it should be special. However, I would like to invite my parents for the ceremony itself. He then say that he will compensate this by visiting my family, much later. Am I being sensitive or inconsiderate that I did not want my wedding to be that simple? I wanted it to be small, but not *that* small that it is just for the two of us. I don't know, because I have been upset just thinking about it for days. Maybe it is the fairy tale wedding that everyone has been dreaming about.. and I have mine too. =( Hmm, it has been upsetting me so much that I am even thinking about breaking up the engagement. I am not sure if I am thinking right... or if I have the right to be this upset...
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