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  1. My wife is 1 of the Tesco member as well.. This is such a great news to her she didnt tell me, idk whether she knew it or not but it's fine i will still tell her about it so that she can buy ingredients with even lower price! haha
  2. My wife likes baking too, she is a housewife she can only do housework and baking since she didnt go to work she always bakes some cakes and cookies for us as snacks haha
  3. if i am not mistaken think airline only compensate based on the weight of the baggage and not the content lo anyway a word of advise when travelling these days coz lately lots of complaint about bassage delay and loss since i am sure a lot of ppl will go to Matta fair this weekend check out the Citibank travel insurance coz they have these 2 plans..platinum and gold plan where coverage anything from baggage and flight delays to ransom payment in kidnapped/hostage situation lo good thing about this insurance is that you can activate this policy 1 hour prior to departure lo.. of course got T & C so if interested then check out here la.. https://www.citibank.com.my/english/insurances/smarttraveller/index.htm?eOfferCode=MYINSLNST
  4. walau eh.... Cover over 58 countries and just need RM38/ day... Is really good for me... Now i can start pack my things, no worry anymore.... Thanks guys for the info....
  5. Hi need 2nd opinion coz been searching online about rate for roaming..getting confused already lol…anyone expert in using any roaming services? Me will travel to Middle East soon…. And will travel a few places there within 1 month lah…. Now my concern is should I activated my roaming service in Malaysia or get prepaid roaming at Middle East?? My concern is more on do I have to get roaming at each stop there???
  6. hey guys, all of u have the Justin Bieber's song???? Boyfirend or Die in your arms.. As ur ring tones??? Remember to send it to ur fren so u may have a chance to win a pass to greet and meet Justin personally lol… More detail, check this out: http://bit.ly/N9GSpw
  7. u r soo lucky lol..can i be ur hubby... yup it's out but so far no $$$ yet lol..it's on android 4.0 with 8 megapixel camera lol....loving it since me love taking pix keke
  8. r u sure or not coz my fren wen to counter today to get the ticket n still can get the 20% discount by showing his mobile phone as celcom user lol...think u still can get both till tomolo provided not sold out la kekeke..good luck!!
  9. i also not a big fan of f1 but hubby is lol...so sacrifice a bit for him lol....:)
  10. i know this sound a bit corny but hubby big fan of F1 so wanna surprise him with this coming event lol...what do you think??
  11. Hahaha totally agreed… here are few smartphone with contract you can check out first… http://bit.ly/yNxJPy
  12. Happy New Year alll…. Is a bit early but just want all to get into the mood now… Anyway, what is ur 2012 new year resolution???? Or have u achieve ur 2011 resolution???
  13. The show still on and do u have some more ticket???
  14. U also using celcom ah..If like that have u try their kolony networking yet?
  15. really is for the project lah 2 more question to ask de 1) How much u spend in a month to contact ur fren? 2) Who pay for the bill??
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