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  1. wah so fast one year...RM250 NOW!!
  2. Hello Amanda,

    1. happywhappy2003


      I saw your post re Very Taipei and I've purchase their package as well. Mind to share some of your experience during the shooting?. I feel nervous and worry I might do the wrong decision on signing up that package. I really looking forward on your sharing

    2. amanda_ng


      Overall is happy with their arrangement. Have you ever heard of law of attraction? You sounds so nervous and worry only bring all the negative element in. Don't worry just enjoy the whole photoshooting and wedding planning and prepartion! Cheers! Bye!

    3. happywhappy2003


      Hello Amanda,

      Really appreciate your feedback. I just get back from the pre wedding shoot and everything went smoothly. :)

  3. Hi.. Referring to the ROM dress less 50%- price RM200 include postage. TQ!

  4. Hi, I saw your post on red wines. I am looking for supply for my wedding dinner. Any recommendations on places where I can find reasonably priced red wines?

    1. amanda_ng


      My hubby bought it from Mlc... I still have 12 bottles :))

  5. mind to share what is your sister height & weight? I'm heavy body too :P
  6. Libresse has an awesome new product out... Therefore, capture the odor monsters here to win the weekly grand prize of your choice! A Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch, DKNY watch, travel voucher worth RM1,500 and a Senheng voucher worth RM1,500 awaits! Click here=====> http://amandang82.says.com/recommendations/libresse2
  7. By playing this fun girl-ish game, I can win LANEIGE skincare products! I'M IN!!
  8. Yes only got one carton...leftover stock from my wedding dinner :)
  9. Brand new wedding gown for sale.... NEVER wear before just bought and at last decided to wear bridal shop's wedding gown..RM300 included postage
  10. hmmm.. not really.. In my actual day I wore wedding gown with can can too... i'm a bit got meat so need can can to hide my fat "pat pat" :P
  11. My wedding over almost one month and my NEW wedding dress nobody want yet...
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