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  1. The gorgeous Quan Kua celebrate the unforgettable moment of my lifetime! Well, I am a Quan Kua lover, I always desire and dream of wearing a Quan Kua on my wedding day, it finally came true. I just got married in September 2013. And I would like to rent out my very good quality Quan Kua for Quan Kua lovers!!! If you are looking for something traditional and elegant, this may be the dress you are looking for. Tips : Quan Qua, in ancient time, the more the gold and silver thread and the less red fabric you see on the Quan Kuan, it symbolize the wealth of a family and the noble of the bride. My Kua calls 'Da Wu Fu, 大五福, the most typical Qua and it is also the second top premium Quan Kua among others after 'Kua Wong'褂王. The dragon is a 3D dragon(卜心). It looks much stunning. Size : Shoulder : 14"-16"Bust Size : 32"-35"Waist : 28"-32"Hip : 35"-37"Height without Shoes : 5'5''* Professionally dry cleaned. * The above measurement is only an estimation. Rental : RM 980 (Quan Kua + Veil) I am happy to arrange a fitting session for those who are keen to rent. Please email to janegxy8@gmail.com or call 012-5294726 for more information or to fix a date for fitting.
  2. I would like to sell my wedding shoes which I bought from Hong Kong. Description : 1 X European size 36 / UK size 5, 2 inches - RM 85.00 * It is perfect to wear with wedding 'Kang Kua' & cheongsam. * I never wear it before, my mum bought me another pair so I decided to sell mine one. Please PM me if you would like to buy at janegxy8@gmail.com Thanks ^^
  3. Hi Kathy, Thank you for your information, however, the link which you gave me, the latest update was 1 year ago.... do you or your friends have any update information to share with us in 2011?
  4. I just signed up a Pre weeding PS package from Just Married Gallery in the recent bridal fair, anyone has any comment or experience with them recently? Please share with us. My PS is coming this May.... Please share with us your story with JM...:)
  5. The comment for Just Married Gallery stop for quite sometimes... Anyone has any latest comment from them, I just signed their pre wedding shooting recently in bridal fair.. Who is the good SA whom I shall have and etc. ? Please share...
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