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  1. hi, I just sign up with them and wonder how is theirs quality? The comments I read more to negative rather than positive. Roy named been mentioned couple of time, is he good? Can someone share with me your experience or photo? Thanks!! cindielow@yahoo.com
  2. Hi Goofy, I did give them a call but on the date I wanted is fully booked.. Now attached with Cheers Palace Restaurant in Cheras.
  3. HI, Me too damn stress..... there is only 1 date good for us and both parents, so we have to take the date no matter how, but all the restaurants and even expensive hotels in my place all full..... and luckily we found the only restaurant on the next day of my "guo meng".... but i'm not satisfy as it falls on sunday (most of my friend from KL) they have to rush back to work monday.... sure not fully enjoy... and i will have to make 2 days arrangement with videoman and make up artist..... :( No choice and luckily you found a place.. your wedding as well in NOV? Then you have to pay extra for your videoman and make up artist.. Oh well, only once in a life time! I can't wait to get all of this done...
  4. Hi, Can you share with me your decorator contact? cindielow@yahoo.com Thanks!
  5. Hi All, Finally and i have confirmed on my venue - left with not much choice or should i said NO CHOICE We have paid the deposit with Cheers Palace Restaurant in Cheras. I am happy with the hall as there no pillars to block the view. My concern now will be the service and also food quality! Now I could focus on other things - there really a lot to do and I only have 6 months. Maybe I am a bit too "kan cheong" but I feel like I havent prepare anything!!
  6. yes nov is really HOT this year. I changed my AD from 20.11.11 to 30.10.11 since cannot find any restaurants. i think i went n asked about 15 to 20 restaurants all also full!!! i only got 30.10.11 when i asked the restaurant manager which date is available n double check with FIL if ok or not...since the date is ok ok date so go ahead immediately. no time to think also Hi mysticmel, I am glad you have confirmed on your venue and nowadays wedding is like a war!
  7. Hi 'sleeping_beauty', Oh, yours also in NOV? Which date? Ya, November is exteremly hard to get restaurant. Hotel for us is a bit over our budget and my parents prefer Chinese Restaurant. I manage to get Cheers Restaurant but so far didnt get much positive comments.
  8. Got a few comments here said their service is bad and food is ok-ok only Have u try http://www.restoranjanbo.com.my/ they got few restaurant in different location Hi @lice, Went to check out the place which is not bad. No pillars is blocking and now I am worry about the service and food. I called Janbo and only the restaurant in Puchong is available but the hall is blocked by pillars. Dont really like the hall thou but the package they offer is good!
  9. By the way, have you heard about this restaurant named Cheers Palace Restaurant? It actually in Cheras, opposite Leisure Mall. Any comment on this restaurant? Food? Service? Ambiance? Staff friendliness? PA system? Good place for wedding banquet??
  10. Hi meandhimus, You start looking for your restuarant since last NOV!! Guess I am so late now.. I know Mid valley will have a bridal fair in May but I guess I couldnt wait until then. My date is on 19th Nov and I thought it shouldnt be that HOT! But i really didnt see the "yat chi" so maybe is a good day gua.. but there will be no "chip san lung" as it will be a church wedding so I will go church directly. I didnt even see when is the best time to "chut mung". Does it matter?
  11. Hi Ally'sMom, Woah!! your birthday is 11th Nov and this year 2011 and it going to be 11.11.11!! How cool is that and you really should make a special celebration!! A very good date to remember and create some unforgetable memory! My wedding date is on 19th Nov and seriously i never thought it will be that pack/busy. When I check the calendar again then I realise is a school holiday too!
  12. some start planning as early as 2 years while most plan about 1 year ahead. well, i think they started to plan early coz most restaurant will be taken up especially on hot date!! Mhyap1, This really crazy isnt it?? "ong" date is just a believe and do you really think is important. But chinese being chinese guess we have to follow it.
  13. Hi Cindy, I've sent u an email. Have u checked? Hi 'novbride2011', Yes and I have PM you.. Thanks!!
  14. is November this year really a hot month? i didnt check "yat Chi"... It do caught me by surprise how advance you need to plan your wedding.. **finger cross** hopefully i could find a restaurant soon...
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