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  1. Can anyone recommend one? I am seeing Dr Ho Chon Mooi but she can only see until 5 months. So can recommend anyone else?
  2. finding difficulties in locating one, all seems to be expensive yet the quality is not as expected.
  3. my MIL like to give my daughter who is going to be 4 years above which I found it to be not so healthy. Of course MIL use it since it is very easy to prepare: mix with some rice, that's it. So can you gals suggest some other nutritional food that could be prepared easily?
  4. She do pass out air and stomach also harden.
  5. my daughter has been crying at night usually after sleeping for a while because of colic. Doctor ask to stop milk altogether, no more cheese or even chocolate, all which are her favourite. We do apply the "yew ye" oil though it is only helping a little.
  6. I find my daugther do no like to sit on the usual car seat and I would like to buy the below, and the normal one is very space occupying versus this one which we can move it to another seat easily. Do you use it and how you find it: http://mydear.com.my/?store=25&categor...amp;item=12635#
  7. My 2 yrs daughter has a suspected thyroglossal cyst on her neck that need to be operated. Anyone can recommend a good doctor, according to medical information, the doctor will need to go a good job in taking out the cyst and it's duct else it might grow again. Thanks.
  8. yes, what is the recommendation, I would like to stop BF and let my gal start MP.
  9. is there any tips for teaching them to brush teeth like brand of toothbrush etc though I do know there are plenty of info in the web
  10. Hi, My gal is 1yr 4mth. She has been playing with her navel ever since 1 yr old like scratching and touching contanstly while lying down is this safe? When and how to teach our baby to brush his teeth? I already notice my gal had quite a number of teeth.
  11. my girl who is 9 months old whose 2 lower front teeth is sprouting out, is bitting the bottle teat like no one business, 1 week will spoil 1. We are currntly using Avent 6+ mths teat. Is there any advice or any teat that is more durable? And what type of teat do u use when feeding baby cereal mixed with milk cause the solid tend to stuck at the teat hole.
  12. You mentioned a good point here for long term BF. HOwever how do we balance up between waking up to many times to BF vs wanting to stimulate BM what is the ideal BF frequency at night?
  13. yes, this might has been discussed. Our girl is into 9 months of fully BF. However we find it a little inconvenience as she wakes up say 2 - 3 times at night for BM. How to avoid or at least lessen the frequency of midnight BF. We have also started introducing solid food for her, but yet the wakes up frequency remains.
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