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  1. yes,6.99% considered low alrdy. and for renovation i think 20k considered enough d..ahhh but forgot to mention only applicable loan for gov staff. so lucky la those in gov sector and i read blacklist can apply too as government..hehehhe tak boleh lari it will deduct from pay so they will still loan to you even if pay low about min 1.5k can get liao...
  2. The highest amount can loan is rm150000, for me that's a lotssss already. If bank also there is no guarantee you can get 100% like what you wish for, cos they will check your financial record whether able to repay or not.
  3. yes.its bad if u overspend due to the lack of proper financial planning & engaging the wrong contractor.I have seen people getting into extra financial debt and issues due to renovations so dont take it lightly i loan from yayasan ihsan rakyat as most banks take too long to get the approval some fastest also 5 working days not inclusive the duration to release funds. that also not included the whole document process... . cant wait for that long and its so uncertain hahahha depending on institution there are out there in the market some which the interest rate is even lower than banks but have to be extra careful and find those legit one !!!! the lowest i found is yir around 6.99% that also maybe because i feel its safer as they are based on Syariah terms
  4. 6 years ago I had a loan to renovate the kitchen. loan amount is not much. 3 more years to pay off. but I did not make a bank loan because i already make loan from bank when bought that house.
  5. must have emergency fund also. some low cost contractors sure ask this one tak cukup,that one tak cukup..so this can cover these extras if they come up (and they usually do).
  6. nola, that was last time very long ago, now their service very good d. i went everything seems fine, good service, facial expression also all happy happy only haha. almost all u can see its like 50%. well most of it i wud say haha. dont think so la, cos i saw alot of new models of tv there wor. shudnt be clearance for new models right??? plus i bought my tv there for like 1k plus, so cheap with free extended warranty somemore. for aircond all i saw RM1 installation somemore LOL
  7. wah such a gud friend ah u, got heart one leh this friend. btw hor, u can try ask ur friend go see see look look the courts there. i just went last week and they got some sort of sales, smth jualan muhibbah i think cannot rmb much. but everything also got sell kind one. tv, aircond, sofa, table bla bla bla etc. kinda good la if u looking for cheap things.
  8. hello to all couple going married and alr married...kekek! :wacko3:
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