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  1. huh? what do you mean by leasing? Is phone can be lease? like paying every month? Is it legal? Where did you husband lease the phone?
  2. Glad that you have a such good husband. Btw, mind to share how much for the S7 edge? as my sister also interested to get one.
  3. You know what? Try to take a look at this Once you have signed up a monthly internet package, xpax will offers you benefits such as free movie tickets redemption. those movie tickets are FOC all you need to do is just sign up monthly package. hurry up and grab it! https://www.xpax.com.my/freemovies
  4. I think if you really miss him/her then go meet her face to face la~~ fly over when you can, hahaha
  5. previous citi contest , my friend won a samsung galaxy s4.. And NOW only I know about these.. So I am enrolling today, missed the chance of getting 5 tickets yesterday as I spent RM 250 on my credit card.. http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/7215/41rp.jpg
  6. let's go sunway blue cube on 14th Dec.. ahaa.. i guess surely there will be free 14th Dec. just saw fb, ppl keep saying free iphone 5 will be giving away. ishhh, make me so eager to queue there from midnight. hopefully there are surprise for us..
  7. If someone tell u , dial *128# then u will get to win Samsung 40" Full HD LED TV for free .. will u dial right away ? Hmm, i wanted this TV for a long time.. shud i dial it now ??
  8. Just went Amei Concert last night!! What I can say is , AmeiZing Concert really awesome!!! She rocked the whole concert.. now i'm aiming for all the expenses paid trip to hong kong to watch her again on 25th May 2012 ! so now imma start downloading the ringing tone from Call Me Tone now..!
  9. AMEI world tour live 2012 ~~~~she is coming to town finally!! ahh i m so high now.. 5th May 2012, so who will be there to watch her live tour concert ???
  10. Hey guys, I'm lee hom's big fans!! has anyone here been to Wang Lee Hom's concert last week ? First time in my life, I went to concert.. and only one word can describe my feeling on that night! AWESOME!!! Hmm, I'd like to see who has recorded the video down on that day.. mind to share it here??
  11. Huh ? What ? By just talking then we can get the free voucher for TOPSHOP ? Oh as a shopping queen, how could I not know this great news ? Shame on me ..
  12. haha..i joined the cel**m who will win the challenge.. i wish i can win the free chelsea tickets.. i will be more happier if i got the autographed jersey too..haha..too greedy ? haha.. hmm anyway, tmr is the last day of the challenge, i will try my best for my remaining 6 challenges at here http://www.channelx.com.my/mdp/promo_football.jsp
  13. Such a great game of Arsenal yesterday ! I bet everyone has watched it.. I am so happy with the result yesterday!! 4-0 Arsenal Vs. M'sia .. Congratezz for Arsenal for the superb games!! Anyway, I think the free chelsea ticket is still available, you better hurry up now to get this ticket asap or else you are going to end up watching on astro lo.. FYI, there is also autographed jersey to be won too.. hmm, for more info, you better check out here.. http://www.channelx.com.my/mdp/promo_football.jsp
  14. Ohh .. i think it is too late to ask for the ticket now? You shud have bought it earlier mann .. Luckily, i got mine from Cel**m .. for free.. as they are giving away 100 free tickets for football fans .. haha ... doesn't it sound great ? hmm, you shud try but I am gonna tell you that you gonna missed out arsenal games ..
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