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  1. I have been using Vpost to ship goods to Malaysia without any problems so far. I am not clear about other forwarders. I have limitations now, otherwise i could have helped with the spree. Sorry guys.
  2. Haven't logged in for a long time until someone tipped me off about a pediped discussion here. Too bad i'm in SG now, if not I'd join you guys for the MY spree. If only this was last year. I am also a pediped fan. Crazy enough to buy larger sizes just to keep in stock. She's a size 23 now and I have 3 more pairs in sizes 25-26, waiting for her kindy! I asked around last year (friends, not forum) , but couldn't find anyone who was interested. This year you guys are lucky enough that they have sale practically all year round. Used to be only occasional Make a Wish sales. Don't just check out pediped. I used to be able to get good deals from amazon, kinderbliss and piperlime. Depends on your luck. We have brands like stride rite, shoos shoos, umi, adidas and those soft sole shoes (mostly gifts la), but nothing beats pediped, IMHO. And with the sales, they work out to be cheaper too. I just love how they look on my girl. And she loves them too. She prefers them better than other brands of shoes that she owns. She wears them rough, but they are still in great shape. too bad she has outgrown them. Tinkerbelle, I agree with you, the Originals range is so cute and extensive I was quite upset my girl couldn't wear them anymore. But the originals are not really built for outdoors and rough wear. When their feet is bigger, the flex is better. It's more sturdy. At first i was worried how my girl would face the transition. But I had no problem. She loved it on the first try. And they did last a little longer (2 sizes) because of the additional inner sole. By the way, she puts on her shoes herself with no problem. Still, mind you, kids can outgrow these shoes in the blink of an eye. So hold your horses. I now have a 4 month old son and I was crazy enough to buy a 12-18m pair to keep in stock for him because it was too good a deal. I also join the SG sprees by the way. Need to stop, need to stop.
  3. Hi Fluene there was previously a thread on something similar to this. I have brought my expressed milk on board the flight from Bali back to Malaysia last year. And also food and water and medication too now that I fly to and fro Singapore and Malaysia for medical reasons. Based on my experience, most of the time, the problem does not lie with the airline staff. It's with the airport security. I have called and checked with the customs in Indonesia before and they advised that I would have no problem with EBM, but i got stuck and made a fuss at the security checkpoint and boarding point with the security staff before boarding the plane. The airline crew had no problem at all letting me through. Same goes for my water and food when i tried to bypass the security at both Malaysia and Singapore. They checked quite thoroughly and demanded for my doctor's letter. The flight crew were ok with just my verbal explanation. So i reckon u'd better check with the airport itself, not just the airline.
  4. Just to share, HOCKS do not deliver to Malaysia, and they also need a USA credit card. You can order the baby rub from either Amazon or even from Australia and Singapore (different version, but still babysafe). For Amazon, if international shipping is expensive, u can try vpost or borderlinx. Hope this helps.
  5. There's a highly recommended Dr Diva at Ipoh Specialist. I saw him when i was pregnant with my 1st. Very gentle and detailed. I did not go deliver with him because of logistic reasons, but went to him for all my detailed scans. He's a fetal specialist too, by the way. Last i knew, there were only 4 in the country, and 2 was stationed in ipoh back in 2007. He was one of them.
  6. Hi Meiteoh Can u elaborate more on the scratch test pls? u did one in SG? I've been asking a few docs including my gal's paed and also a skin specialist in Ipoh, none told me about this test. in fact, was told even if i want to perform any test with allergens, they need to be at least 4?
  7. charliz.. ermm.. there's actually another reason why i hand carry rather than check in. scared luggage get lost.
  8. any ice packs will do, as long as they can last the journey. coleman ice packs are cheaper than medela's. i got mine for Rm9.90 from giant. What icecream potong cooler box? u mean those that is being used on the motorbikes by ice cream vendors? i'm not sure leh... won't they be dented easily or scratch ur bags? but u can try... i bought those sealer bags. no time to go and get from the airport plus don't think they'd give us that many. i used quite alot... i used the small sized ones, measuring roughly 5 x 7 inches? i used them for storing my pump parts, my bottles, my liners, etc... and i'd discard them at the end of the day since i'm out whole day.
  9. gunh my hubby also gave me the similar reaction as mei's hb when i teased him, especially when i had spare stocks.
  10. fluene i took bout 2-3 weeks to establish my milk supply and almost 2 weeks to get my gal to learn to suck. as for sterilising my pumps in the office, i would rinse the breastshields with cooked/filtered water, then another round with boiling water. and place everything (stored milk, pump parts) into the common fridge in a container or clean plastic bag. At my old workplace in SG, some of the managers used to share a personal mini bar fridge just to store their milk, simply because our common fridge was soooooooo darn small.
  11. Hi Charliz i took along: 1. longish lighweight big cooler bag 2. medela cooler bag 3. medela ice pack 4. coleman ice packs 5. techni ice sheets 6. tupperwares which are the same height as a full 4 oz BM liners 7. Bottles for daily pumping use and storage. 8. reseable plastic bags for my daily outings, together all the time with my pump in my travel backpack/sling: 1. medela cooler bag 2. medela ice packs 3. Bottles for storage to bring home, i transfered my stocks into liners at the end of the day and froze them standing in the tupperware for hygienic reasons. I did this until the day i am scheduled to leave, then I arranged them in the sealer bags and placed them back into the tupperwares and arranged the tupperwares right at the bottom of the cooler bag next to one coleman ice pack, then place a layer of the tehcni ice on top of the tupperware, then repeated another layering of container with ice pack at the side and top. the idea was to trap the cold air that sink to the bottom. I used rubber bands rather than the sealer clips coz i was afraid of leakage, so the resealable bags act as another layer of protection as well. try to make it as compact as possible. I think if u wanna check in, the liners will work be better. if u're using those Mom's Little Ones' bottles, then it might not be a good idea to check them in coz they might leak if toppled and melted. Those coleman cooler boxes work very well too for travel, can keep things cool for longer periods but can be bulky for overseas travel though. Hope this helps.
  12. Yup, i face the same problem, for the tops everywhere can fit except for the chest part. Looks like my breasts are gonna pop out! tat is also why i can't wear some of my old tops and even if i can wear it, i look weird. So now i've kinda stopped buying those slim cut fitting blouse.
  13. I've not done any baby photo shots yet, but based on the portfolios that I have come across, 2 that strikes my mind and on my list is: 1. Jim Liaw (i'm a big big fan of his portrait shots and have seen his amazing works in the past that child models used as part of their portfolio) see here 2. Fifoto (saw some tat are reallly natural yet captivating shots)
  14. hi janice, thx... ya, i told dr that i m BF... he said the meds is ok, but i took 1 tablets only yesterday night to stop the vomitting... the rest i didn't take... by the way, what is charcoal pills? Hi Jocelyn I can answer on Janice's behalf. Charcoal pills is an over the counter product used to treat stomach ache caused by diarrhea, indigestion or gas. I've asked docs and pharmacists and they said that the pills are safe for breastfeeding mothers, although some articles online said it might not be safe. But i can tell u for sure not to take po chai yuen, coz based on my personal experience, it passed through my breastmilk as the medicine could not be digested properly by my gal and it showed in her poop.
  15. I'm sorry, i presumed from ur reply to meiteoh that u din want to do the cold compress as u were afraid to loose the supply but on the other hand u're also afraid of over production so i'm kinda confused :P anyway, if u do intend to breastfeed for long, then oversupply at the beginning truly isn't a bad thing, coz if u're unlucky like me (touchwood la), i had a few bouts of blocked ducts and when i was sick and needed medication, my supply dropped and i would rely on my extra stock to pull me through. the longer u breastfeed, the tougher it is to maintain your supply, let alone try to increase it. nowadays, i'm just thankful i still produce enough for my gal :) anyway, good luck.
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