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  1. You are right on all counts. As far as I understand the pump should not be connected to the main water supply line. The pump should be connected to the water tank. If from main water supply line, it goes to the tank. Wont help to increase pressure from tank to shower. Door still dunno yet
  2. Renovation Updates :- Water - the quest for clean residential household water Finally after getting all my incoming water optimized, finally i come to the last and most important part, drinking water. Water - Part 4:- POU (Point of Use ) - Drinking water After doing my research (refer to previous post) I decided to go for filtered water and not RO or alkaline water. My philosophy is do not need to go overboard, my ancestors has been drinking water with minerals, I'll do the same. That being said, the water filtered must still meet good drinking water standard. The standard being referred to by almost everyone is the NSF standard. For the type of drinking water I am going for NSF 53 standard applies. I researched around and most filter with (some without) NSF 53 certified cost RM2K and above I finally found this rarely mentioned water filter product (from USA) . Its NSF 53 certified (Double checked on NSF website), a very established brand in USA. Got lots of good review from the net. Can get the replacement filter cheaper if I get from Singapore. Price works out to RM0.09/liter. The Malaysian installers provide an additional ceramic filter (they say Malaysian water quality needs this). The main plus point its the price. The water filters parts. The main Aquasana water filter unit The drinking water tap - going for under counter configuration The underside of the drinking water tap, 3 pipe type (when the watertap is turned off/down, it also restrict water from going in to the filter, I understand that this water filter is not designed to work under constant water pressure) The water source from the kitchen faucet under piping. Unattached for instalattion. Attach a 3 way valve - to divert water to water filter Water first goes through a ceramic filter (Doulton -from UK) Then only to the main Aquasana water filter The water filter located under the counter NSF 53 Certified Drinking Water
  3. The plan is actually for another home drawn by another person in another forum. You replace the water storage heater tank with a solar water heater. I already have a solar water heating system and all the bathroom piping is already done with hot and cold piping installed. The pictures above is mainly about me improving my house piping system at the storage tank area. I added a by pass valve. and I reconfigured the pipes to suit my Groundfos Uni E booster pump.
  4. Renovation Updates :- Water - the quest for clean residential household water After washing clean my water tank, I asked the plumber to optimize my existing water piping system. There were 2 things that I wanted done. 1. To maximise the water flow with the right pipe in and out from my Groundfos pump. - The existing pipes was not optimized so, re-do the pipes. 2. To add in a main water by pass as illustrated by zheilwane below so that when there is electricity cut, water pressure will still be sufficient to flow up my solar water heater, and thus assure that I will still get hot water when there is no electricity. This also ensures that water pressure is sufficient to power my shower when electricity's out. My booster pump supplier illustration of a main water by pass piping system Water - Part 3:- POP (Point of Piping - My own term :P ) - Adventures in my Attic Part 2 Drilling a hole at the bottom of my water tank for a new pipe attachment. Pipes attached Add valve Connect to pump (booster pump) Pump connect to the whole house piping system Install a main water by pass with a non return valve (the yellow colour part) from the main incoming water pipe direct to the pump outgoing pipe direct to the whole house piping system. My POP water piping system , kaw thim :peace: :peace:
  5. Renovation Updates :- Water - the quest for clean residential household water After installing a sand filter POE, the next step will be to clean my water tank. No point getting clean water piped in then it being kept in a dirty tank. The next step in getting all my water clean clean Water - Part 2:- POS (Point of Storage - My own term ) The plumber invited me to join him under the roof so here is the "door" Inside my roof, water tank housing area The old dirty water in my tank "yukkk" .... drain it all out Near to end need to manually scoop up all the solid waste/ mud/ sand/ rocks and other unmentionables. Wipe clean with cloth. The end result super clean Refilling the tank with POE Sand filtered water. Crystal Clear. Flushing out all the dirt and mud trapped in the pipes Kaw Thim
  6. Renovation Updates :- Water - the quest for clean residential household water After doing research on all things regarding water for home, with my limited knowledge, :stars: I embarked on getting all my water clean clean :P Water - Part 1:- POE (Point of Entry) I have chosen to install a standard Fiber Casing Sand Filter Local branded Sand Filter All the pipes connected Kaw Thim with additional water tap and hose Why did I chose this? I think for outdoor filter, sand filter should be enough. Membrane I understand gives the cleanest water but I think its overkill and sand filter kinda gives me the feeling of natural water filering. - fresh water from the mountain filtered to the river to my house kinda logic Fiber casing gives much better value than stainless steel casing. So far as I know, GE Sand filter has NSF cert and its fiber casing too. After 5-10 years , change lah
  7. Learning about Water Went around searching for water purifiers. Need to install this to my house water system as water in washing machine turns my clothes yellow :( Go I googled and went around asking some suppliers. So this is my findings there is 2 main types water purifiers, POU and POE POE (Point Of Entry) Outdoor Water Purifier - Sand, Membrane and Ceramic type. Often mentioned brands in local forum:- Bacfree - British Technology (long history), one of the very first water filter supplier in malaysia, most expensive sand filter in malaysia that I've come across so far. GE - NSF Cert - The most expensive fiber casing sand filter i've encountered so far 3M - Has NSF elements but not NSF cert (as far as I know) Some other brands has NSF stickers on some of their product range but what that entails.. I dunno POU (Point of Use) Indoor Water Purifier - located in kitchen for drinking water purpose. many types of water system, energy, Reverse osmosis, alkaline etc etc etc.. :stars: Often mentioned in local forum:- Amway - NSF Certified Coway - a brand often mentioned by coway's mlm members here. ... Here is something i discovered - NSF Certified range of product not avalaible in malaysia at the moment except maybe one model that does not appear on their malaysian website and sold through retail. :hehe: betcha they dunno that. 3M - NSF Certified Tupperware - NSF Certified Bacfree - Ceramic filter only but they claims that all the SIRIM lab uses their filter an so far no bacteria found. All the above uses 3 main technology Reverse Osmosis, Membrane and Ceramic. NSF International, formerly known as the National Sanitation Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides research and education in the field of public health and safety For the standard of purified water NSF seems to be the oft referred to standard. Googled around and found this 2 useful website 1. basic information about water filter :idea: http://www.about-wat....com/index.html and a breif summarization on what NSF is :nod: http://www.about-wat...tification.html 2. NSF listing , a search database by NSF of all the "tested and certified" product. If its ain't here its bogus :P http://www.nsf.org/certified/dwtu/ NSF certified products seems to carry a lot of weight and has to meet strict standards, if not they can lose the cert then shame lor.... NSF logo is used by many companies but read the fine print ... "follow/exceed/adhere to NSF standard"... talk only, must get "NSF xx Certified" NSF certified product - Damm expensive except for 1 brand which the supplier discontinued :x Btw, I am going for a non NSF certified products :P
  8. I've got from Poh Yep in Puchong. price, you goota ask yourself there
  9. Renovation Updates:- Door Knob installation:- Part 4 - Door Knob Core the door surface Core the door edge Space prepared for door knob Chisel a space for lock attachment Attach the lock then the knob handle It works.... Make a hole on the door frame and attach the cover The end result
  10. Renovation Updates:- Louvre Doors installation:- Part 3 - Louvre Door (Doors with vent Panels) Suitable for enclosed rooms without any windows. e.g. store rooms This door needs to be installed to open on the other side as my door frame was installed to open in when I needed it to open out. Installing the hinges on the door first Only then attaching the hinge on the frame . End result.
  11. Plywood Door installation:- Part 2 - Plywood Doors with decorative skin This door arrived too wide, the factory mistake, so modification on the spot. On site work base preparation (Mc Guyver feeling here) - use paint can. Saw off the excess width. Good even lines. End result.
  12. Renovation Updates:- Wooden Doors installation:- Part 1 - Solid Wooden Doors My Solid Doors (Unpainted), -paint myself later. Screw it on to get the position right, then check the level. If need then adjust the level by chiselling the area where the hinges goes. The experienced installers will know how deep the chiselling needs to get the right level. Attaching the door to the hinges. End result.
  13. Renovation Updates:- My Bare Cabinet-less Kitchen (Budget Overrun) The Kitchen sink area (this design is a gift from my tiling sifu). Hood and Hob My No-Cabinet kitchen
  14. Renovation updates:- The entrance to my car porch needed to be completed, I has 2 choice, concrete or asphalt. After consultation with my contractor, decided to go for tarmac - more durable. :nod: Tarmac / Asphalt Driveway :- A bed of gravel / medium sized rock A layer of asphalt / tarmac Flatenning/compressing the tarmac layer Add tar oil. The end result.
  15. Wooden Door Search Went in search of wooden doors. Visited 5 shops. Below are a few points I've got. I may be wrong, feel free to correct me. Generally solid wooden doors are graded in 3 main categories. A, B and C. A- Very nice and relatively even wood grain / lines. Can go for light colour varnish / shellec - to show off the nice grain / natural pattern B- Medium quality wood grain / lines Either dark colour shellec or solid paint - to hide the unevenness C- Lower quality range usually mixed wood. Solid paint only is recommended - hide everything Wood for the mid to high range can be Nyatoh, Meranti, Merpauh.. Standard size is 33 6/8" X 83". The width is the same but the length is usuallu needed to be cut to suit your door frame. The cost:- The price I've encountered is verrryyy varied. Generally Door + Installation + Painting + Lock I concentrated on Nyatoh B and Merpauh Door - RM 250 to 380 to 430 / pc Install - RM120 to 150 to 200 Paint - RM100 to 200 Lock - RM20 - RM 200 or more Some even charge transport seperately. For narrower doors, it is not so easy to find so quite pricey for wooden doors. Another option is Plywood doors. It is not solid but cheap and has very modern pattern. 1 plywood door RM 350-380 include instalattion.
  16. Wow.. FERUNI tiles.. gd choice but must cost a bomb !! Thanks for the compliment. Yes its Feruni and yes I am "bombed"
  17. Yup hafta get bedsheet with 40cm depth. No soil place as we are not in to maintaining a garden.
  18. Renovation Updates:- My one of a kind GIGANTIC KING SIZE BED!!! Custom made Inspired by Harvey Norman's Euro Design. :hehe: Moving up my Super Thick King Size Mattress. (Its a tight fit) All the parts ready to be assembled.. Bed frame assembly Part 1 - Fitting the parts together. Bed frame assembly Part 2 - Installing the engine vroom vroom The assemblers and I was grinning all the time They said, in all the years they assembled bed frame, this was the BIGGEST !!! The Result Ta daaaaaa.....My HUGEEEEEEEEE BED !!!!!!
  19. Renovation Updates :- Floor Tiles... Car Porch - step ladder style The Result :thumbs: Living Room - Checkers. The Result
  20. Thanks Including gate approx 10k.Powder coated white grill.
  21. Renovation Updates:- Installing Gate Gate assembly Final result :)
  22. Renovation Updates:- Grill Installation My Huge ass grill arrives and is installed Ground Floor Grill Installation, The result :P 1st Floor Grill Installation, Getting the grill up the 1st floor has a very interesting back story. I was actually reminded by my mattress supplier that I need space to move my mattress up the stairs, that is why the stairs was re-renovated earlier. :stars: When the top floor grill initially arrived, it had to be taken back and re-modified to 2 piece to enable it to be moved up as the initial 1 piece design was just too darn big, even for my handle-less stairs. :shakehead: Thus the grill was installed 2 days apart. :nod: The result
  23. Updates Brought my curtain tracks. IKEA's KVARTAL Curtain and panel suspension system. Main reason why I choose then is that they look so cool. They are also solid, strong and very nicely designed :thumbs: ....... and the look so cool (again) Wall Brackets, Track Rail and Glide Gonna get my wetwork contractor to install for me,
  24. Went to Nilai Square Bandar Baru Nilai with wifey to source for custom made curtains and sheers. :P This is what I've learned. The Below is a Curtain Specification that the Curtain Supplier use. I added what I gathered and came out with the chart below.
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