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  1. Hehe, u try to gather another 4-5 comments if can, as u have to rate it based on few comments ;) I like the fried rice, the chicken is normal, but the fish and prawn for that day were fresh, we all enjoy it. My friend likes the "wo bang" That's good to hear. Now i not so worry about the food. When i see the cheapest menu, the food is very simple and basic so i afraid that it might not be nice. Thanks for sharing
  2. I heard Holiday Inn quite good if for lunch wedding (as they have the garden view)...
  3. My ROM dress is above knee length, after sit down even shorter. It is not so "comfortable" of course, have to jaga jaga especially when sit down lolx, but I really like the dress my ROM on 11.11.11, a lot of couples will be there, so will be seeing a lot of beautiful brides with nice and different design of dress in the venue hehe..
  4. Dear all, can anyone recommend good restaurant / hotel for lunch wedding? (good in service, nice food and environment ) If u have the details of the food menu, pls email to me ya, thanks!! warminee@gmail.com
  5. Hi dear, do u need night gown for AD? The album with 20poses, is it big album? if u don want the sister pic, maybe can ask them to give u more pose or softcopy? :)
  6. I went there last Sunday, the 1K++ set the food overall is nice, and they serve fast and change the plate almost every dish :) just that parking might be limited, I park at lowyat plaza there...
  7. Hi Amy, thanks for sharing! :)mind to send me pic of the gown to have a look? :) my email is warminee@gmail.com Thanks ya~
  8. Hi Paul, can u share the package details that u hv signed with Victoria? thanks ya. My email is warminee@gmail.com
  9. Hi Paul, do u mind to share the package details that u signed with Victoria ss2? :) My email is warminee@gmail.com

    Thanks ya

  10. Hi all, Im another BTB 2012 ;) nice to know u all ya~
  11. hi jaswwp, can you share ur package details? ;) my email is warminee@gmail.com Thanks ya, im interested to sign package with Victoria. Is ur PG Abbey? :)
  12. Wish to hear from u soon, thanks a lot ya~ my email is warminee@gmail.com

    BTB - Jess :)

  13. Hi :) I saw ur post in Malaysia brides that you signed package with Victoria SS2 :) Im interested to get their package as well, but wish to collect more comments before i decide :)

    Will appreciate if you can share ur experiences dealing with them, and are you using Abbey as PG? If you dont mind, can send me ur package details and what are the freebies they gave? :)

  14. Wish to hear from u soon, thanks a lot ya~ my email is warminee@gmail.com

    BTB - Jess :)

  15. my email is warminee@gmail.com

    Thanks ya

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