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  1. Hi Joanne, I would like to hold my ROM in a restaurant in PJ this November end. Kindly advise what are the procedures I should go with? My email is samanthawongpy@gmail.com

    1. Joanne babe

      Joanne babe

      Ok , I will email you now :)

  2. Hi Joanne, I wish know know more detail about ROM outside JPN.. as i call to some branch they said no such service. Mind to share the details with me? Thanks you..My email address is jowinlove_suki@hotmail.com

    1. Joanne babe
    2. hjm1980


      Hi Joanne babe,

      Would really appreciate yr help and advice on the solemnization process outside of JPN. My wedding is scheduled on mid March 2014 and hence am really on a tight schedule. Pls kindly email me at Kevin_JooMae@yahoo.com.sg. Thank you so much in advance!!

  3. Hi Joanne, i'm planning to have my solemnization outside JPN on the same day with the chinese ceremony. Can you share the details with me On the procedures, cost, time frame required, etc? wondering if it is going to be too troublesome or costly. My email add is mllee_18@yahoo.co.uk thanks you!

  4. When is your wanted date ?
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