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  1. I went to Dr Ng in Columbia Asia, Puchong after reading so many good comments about him. I am 3 mths preg and 29 years old. My first visit wth Dr Ng (before 3 mths), he said his usual routine check also include Triple Blood Test which follows by Amniocentesis (of course this one depends on the Triple Blood Test results) and told me to go back and decide. So on my 2nd checkup with him (exact 3 mths), I told him my decision is I do not want to take that test. And he said ok but he doesn't sounds very happy with my decision. He scanned my baby and just say baby has grown and don't worry. So I asked him, won't you also check the baby's neck measurement? And he said no since I am not keen to know about down syndrome results therefore he won't do it. Based on my knowledge and also with other gynes out there, they will first do the baby's neck measurement which is a basic test before the dr advice you if you should take the Triple Blood Test and then after that Amnio. He asked me "what's my concern with the neck since you are not keen to know about the down syndrome test" So what does this means with Dr Ng? Does that mean if there's unusualness you see, you won't tell me? He basically treated me not as friendly as the first time I visited him since I didnt take up his package which he wants me to do. Besides, it's the mother's choice and not the gynae's choice. I find him very unethical and unprofessional. Plus his consultation with just a black and white scan is more exp than those charged out there. First visit RM168 and 2nd visit is RM135 and all of these are without any meds or supplements. Therefore, I am going all my way to Shah Alam to see Dr Loo who is much much better than him.
  2. Congrats to you. Can I know which hospital you went to and how much is it that you pay for c-sec and the 2 nights stay?
  3. I have went through 3 abortions before in my past years and now I am pregnant which I am ready to be a mom. Of course I watched some videos of natural birth and c-section which I am really afraid and still freaking out because I am really scared of it. I am not sure which option I should choose and I heard that I can't do natural birth if I have several abortions before. Anyone have any idea?
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