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  1. hehe thanks for the info. i didn't get the alphabets in the end and my wedding is over now. i had some cute little flowers on the cake so i decided to forgo the toppers since they're quite pricey.
  2. hello, could you PM me pls? your PM seems disabled - i can't send a msg to you. thanks =)
  3. agreed. where the couple sits will be the main table. and the tradition would be the groom's side is "superior" for whatever reasons. so even though VIP the bride's side punya VIP is still #2. but personally i feel it's really weird to have 2 VIP tables. 2 VIP tables not so bad, but where would be the groom and bride sit? IMHO, where ever the couple sit, that would always be the most VIP table, no? Read my earlier post...
  4. now that my wedding is over, i'm letting go some items that i've got: NEW & UNUSED 1) WEDDING GOWN (RM250) - SOLD - color: off white - lace/tie back, size S (bust: 32"-38", waist: 25"-32", hips: 34"-36", front length: 57", back length: 90”) - strapless, straight neckline, mermaid cut, empire waist with a ribbon - lace, beads and sequins on the bust - bust is padded, dress is fully lined - material: plain smooth organza skirt with chapel train - alterable (approx. 2-3 inches on both sides) --> supposedly bought this for pre-wedding photoshoot but i used my own custom-made gown in the end. workmanship is pretty good and it is in the condition as when i received it from the supplier. 2) VEILS i) 1.5m lace veil - white (RM28) - SOLD ii) 1.5m satin ribbon edge veil - white (RM23) - SOLD iii) 3m lace veil - white (RM50) iv) 3m lace veil - off white (RM50) --> all are brand new, unused and in excellent condition. my gown was ivory so i couldn't use the off/white veils =( USED (my mom's) A-LINE EVENING DRESS (RM180) - worn once only - color: violet - size L (bust 36”, waist 30”-32”, hips 36”-40”, length 53") - material: chiffon - long dress without train, zipper back - straight neckline; there is a string of blings on the necklin - has a waist sash with a bling-bling brooch - bust is padded, fully lined - alterable (approx. 2-3 inches on both sides) please PM me if you're interested. prices are negotiable =) i can deliver it to you by hand if you're at Raja Chulan or Cheras Yulek / Leisure Mall area.
  5. i made mine at endah parade, sri petaling. wedding gown: full lace + patch lace + blings, paid RM1,600. evening gown about RM1,200 for flowy chiffon with ruches and nice cute little flowers + blings. love them to bits!!!
  6. i'm in dire need of a 2.7m / 3m ivory veil for photoshoot next week. please PM me if you have one to sell or know where to buy one with a reasonable price in KL. thanks!
  7. why would you as a guest want to wear a bridal gown to someone else's wedding?
  8. i think the problem with these old farts is that they are too comfortable and arrogant with their so-called reputation that they have started to compromise their quality.
  9. Emerald Brilliant is over-rated. their workmanship is actually pretty lousy. i had my dress done there and now i totally regretted it.
  10. my cheongsam at Emerald Brilliant 1Utama was so POORLY made i really dont know how they do their quality check, if they even do it at all. i've mentioned in my previous post in the Cheongsam thread (http://www.malaysiab...810#entry400837) today is the 3rd time i went for my so-called fitting of the completed dress. in my 1st visit last saturday, the fit was actually good but they needed to alter the underarm and bust area and all those HORRIBLE STITCHING of the zip and the laces at the hem. so i went the 2nd time the next day, they re-do the laces and altered the top. but then seems the hip and butt parts also needed to be altered cos the skirt seemed loose pulak. and they haven't re-do the zip's stitching. the dress will be sent to SS2 to be altered. this chinese aunty (apparently from the SS2 branch) was there and apparently responsible for this had nodded her head many times and ok ok to me many many times that it can and will be done - she said when they re-do the zip's stitching they will alter the butt and hip area... even before i left the shop i mentioned to her another time cos she didnt seem to be writing anything down or pinning my dress for measurement. and true enough, today when i went again, that part wasn't altered at all. i wasn't even sure if they re-do the zip as per my complaint the other day because it looked just the same. in fact, the whole dress looked exactly the same as when i was there the time before. the STITCHING WERE STILL CROOKED and the buttons at the back collar were STILL NOT DONE. the fat guy (i assumed it was the boss' son?) was there and i was trying to explain to him the problem with his staff not doing their job properly and how are we to rectify this because i'm not that free to go see them everyday while they're sitting on their job. he told me to take it to pavillion/SS2 if it's nearer/more convenient for me. now why the fck should i be the one to do your runaround? moreover he asked me to pay before taking the dress out of his shop if i want to take it to pavillion to alter. i really beh tahan with his attitude and i will not pay for his staff's mistake until and unless he rectified it to my satisfaction. which means i am forced to leave the dress there and go back for it AGAIN tomorrow. and i need the dress on sunday! i got out from that place really angry. i did not pay RM800 for all this bullshit with this place. i expected that as an old time cheongsam maker they would take their workmanship seriously. alas, they do not! i realized that for this price i could've easily gone to some other experienced tailor like the one in Endah Parade where i made my other gowns. this is one thing that i really regretted doing. their WORKMANSHIP IS REALLY TERRIBLE and there is NO QUALITY CHECK AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! is my RM800 not big enough an amount to them compared to other customers who paid >RM1000 that they do not care about me or my dress? i am really so so so disappointed i have nothing good to say about this shop. it's such a waste of my time having had a dress done there.
  11. i had my qipao done at Emerald Brilliant 1U. the gown was very nice, but i'd like to warn BTB's who are custom-making their cheongsam/qipao there. most of us would be so thrilled to see our custom-made gowns with the pretty laces and blings etc, that we tend to forget to check the seamstress' work. i was lucky that i remembered to check my gown. the fit was good, but to my horror the lace at the bottom of my mermaid skirt (it's floor length, no train), was sewn so out of shape the laces were "senget" in and out of the hem (when the laces were supposed to show outside the hem). they have also poor workmanship on the sewing at the zip area at the back that it's very obvious the stitches were not straight at all. i was told the gown was done at the SS2 branch. they also "forgot" to sew the button at the back of the collar. for all these i had gone there twice in a row in the weekend to make sure that they have them rectified. but for the zip part, they have to send the gown back to SS2 and i can only collect it some time this week. really scary... i would think they'd at least check their sewing before they let the customer come for fitting. i was so wrong to think that! =.= so buyer beware... make sure you check your gown whenever you go for fitting! dont take the "reputation" for granted.
  12. it's your big day and so is for your husband. respect him la. what would you do if you get humiliated like that on your wedding day? you may find it fun torturing him at that moment, but what if he holds grudges and do the same to you for the rest of your life. also think how you would appear in the eyes of your in-laws for doing that to their son. i will also not let my friends humiliate my hubby like that. he's my hubby and so even if wanna torture, only i can do that :p
  13. i am totally against the groom and hengdais (namely GUYS) being forced to wear panties and bras on them or worse, disposable panties on their heads. heck, would a girl even wear a panty on her head and call herself superwoman? and banana sucking from the crotch? that's just gross. also, leave the breastfeeding to the real moms pls? i seriously don't understand the significance of such games or any hengdai games for that matter. childish and there's no romantic vibe at all with all those crazy shouting and laughing. my FH once "threatened" that if i ever have these games at all, he would walk out during "fetching the bride". lucky for him, i have no plans for such rubbish. i concur to that lowyat thread totally.
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