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  1. hi chooz! so good to here dat you're preggie! as for me no lar....dun think so fast yet. hehe me still have to go work early morning and come back late....to jaga myself also difficult...dunno how want to jaga baby wait! anyways, congratulations to you and hubby!!! you must be excited. great to hear the good news!
  2. hi chooz...long time no see. r u pregnant now??
  3. hi fong28 can i also have you itenerary please? you can sent it to oct06bride@gmail.com i'll be going in september. anyone stayed at miramar hotel before? cheers and thanks!!
  4. dats my real wedding cake with real flowers decorated by my mum. quite pretty rite? faster have a look and i'll take the photo off this thread.
  5. jhow, it should be pretty safe...make sure the flower are cleaned nicely. i was doing a lot of things on my own to save budget. the flowers was only decorated on the cake that morning itself by my mum...surprisingly it looks really pretty. i think i do have a photo somewhere in one of my folders on my office pc ...lemme check.
  6. hi jhow, seriously, i prefered the old wedding cake that they have alhtough it looked old fasiohioned....i wasnt too please with the one they provide me though it was their new "modern" design....i felt it was a bit cacat and the top of the cake they decorated with ferns....look like jungle and didnt jive with the whole cake thingy....welll too bad...by the time i saw it was too late...it was my wedding day! but i did have my own cake actually......at home. my mum ordered for me a 2 tier cake with icing and she decorated it with fresh flowers though the cake maker did gave us small tiny sugar flowers. so after tea ceremony, i did the cake cutting and served the cake to d guests at my house which everyone enjoyed it! you can still have your own cake at the hotel....and cut it though it will be very expensive to do a big big cake. maybe a medium size. anyway, the cake that is served to the guests at the hotel does not come from the one that you cut on stage. on stage it's just a dummy cake. you just pretend to cut it :P
  7. no problem...yup i guess we r all married already. you can go to bunga raya to purchase the organza cloth or the netting if you dun like the colours that they have....i ended up with maroon and cream. sigh....choices very limited in malacca. oh ya, the dummy wedding cake they provide, darn horrible! and another tips, bring ur own champagne bottle! cant trust them. my champagne bottle couldnt pop at all. disappointed with that also. as for being hands on...dun...it tires you out. i got sick like the week before i got married. had to get antibiotics from doctor....i think i was under too much stress trying to do everything myself.
  8. what?! they actually charge the flowers...i tot you get to pick what flowers you wanted....at least i did....i had roses and ivy leaves...hmmm..must becareful fo their tactics. negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. i didnt give out favours....wanted to but after counting the cost...i tot it was a bit too much....i had like 40 tables. combined wedding. so what i did was i gave out favours during my tea ceremony....a bit biased though....i only gave to my female relatives that i pour tea to....and only my side of the family. haha...well my favour was a bit expensive so i cant simply give out to anyone. as for florist....again, malacca ones are not so nice. well, i did my own hand bouquet, got my own flowers though....and also my own car decor....simple ones. but i guess it looks kinda ok. :)
  9. hi jhow, i deal wif the other girl yvonne...dun really know if she's still around. anyway food is better at renaissance i think. ya i saw the new holiday inn, look very modern and stylish...but then again dun know if they are ok in wedding events or not. i didn't get to use the new wedding card...had the old pink ones. i had my own backdrop too....told them to do one of the design but ask them not too charge me becos i allow them to reuse my backdrop for other weddings after mine. don't hope too much on the decor from renaissance.....i was a bit disappointed in d end but nvr mindlar....all over and done with. i think dealing with carol should be ok....my sister delt with her for her wedding. i deal with the other girl...hmmm, she did try to help but i still feel that carol is better...dunno, maybe she's been there for a long time and hv better experience.
  10. hi mbrides, some of the links are not correct.....ie: The Wedding Favours link.
  11. wow wee!!! fusionista looks great! looks like you had so much fun!
  12. syuen


    Haha this is funny especially the first two! smart replies!
  13. hi cathlsy, yes from the map it looks quite far, so the salisbury will be a better bet. miramar supposed have bigger rooms and also in a convenient location. so maybe i'll move that as my 2nd choice. was the airport transfer provided by Cathay convenient? Hope that their service is good. SIA tickets are cheap too but they don't really have a free and easy package and you have to book you own hotel. that's why i'm skipping that.
  14. cathlsy, metropark will be my 2nd choice and 3rd will be miramar. don't think i can make it in august. have to plan it in september. i'll skip disney as i hear is not so good. anyway, i've already been to the one in LA. so HK will be more of shopping, eating a little sightseeing.
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