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  1. Hi, do you need ampoules for your bridal photo shooting? We offer 50% cheaper than others. For further enquiries,just drop me a message.thanks.

  2. I'm considering Flowerseries in Weld Quay and Ohara Florist in Pulau Tikus. Cheers.
  3. Hi laymin83, Thanks for letting us know! I'm sorry to hear about your terrible experience. Luckily, you've told us about it, as I did consider House of Favours when searching for Wedding Stuffs. Thank you.
  4. I definitely think a trial makeup session is a must! Remember that you only have one Wedding Day and the photos as your memories. It's up to the individual to decide if the risk is worth the cost of a trial makeup session, in case things are not as planned. Good luck!
  5. P.S. - Hi Alisa Wong, Thanks for letting us know about you! May i please kindly suggest that it is probably best to have your clients post up recommendations of your services and links to your Facebook page. Otherwise, the moderators may decide that you are advertising on this forum without paying to do so and ban you.
  6. There are several good makeup artists out there with a good makeup technique that can do the same. However, if i'm not mistaken, I do believe that due to individual situations and eye anatomy some people will not be able to avoid using double eyelid stickers or glue. Though, a good makeup artist will be able to hide the stickers and glue well so that you can still have the beautiful eyes of your dreams, on your Wedding Day! Cheers fellow Brides!
  7. Hi everyone! Just to add my thoughts, I do believe Xuelanruan has listed the title as "Have a comfortable backup plan about wedding dress" on purpose to direct you to checkout Maryann Bridal for a Wedding dress - FALSE ADVERTISING! This malaysiabrides forumer, xuelanruan, has in the past posted forum "advice" written by a "Landy Bridal" and even posted their website link: www.landybridal.com. I checked out this website and this is what appears (copy and pasted): Please be advised that: www.landybridal.com has been shut down pursuant to a court order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued against the website's prior owner due to its unauthorized usage of trademarks and/or copyright protected imagery in order to sell counterfeit merchandise. For your protection, you should only buy products from authorized retailers or websites to ensure receipt of genuine quality products. To purchase authentic David's Bridal products. Therefore, I suspect that xuelanruan is posting on behalf of a chinese based, internet bridal companies and advertising unscrupulously on this forum. Please be careful my fellow Brides...
  8. Hi VisitorinAsia, I am also an overseas Bride having my Wedding in Penang and can recommend Sam Khor :-) I've booked her for my Wedding in July 2013. She did a trial session for me in October 2012 and it was amazing! A real transformation of both my hair and face! I find her to have a lovely and easy-going character. She is very experienced, with a professional & hardworking attitude. She may also be able to lend you some hair accessories for your big day. Her contact details are on her website: www.samkhor.com and i've listed it below for your convenience +6 012 443 7727 samkhor.pgATgmail.com Good luck finding your MUA and Hair stylist VisitorinAsia, do be aware that Sam is likely to book out fast, due to her experience and talent! But do give her a try for sure Cheers!
  9. Hi Avee, Thanks for writing to advise us that you have Wedding DJ's on your books. However, i've already found one! Cheers. :-)
  10. Hi JC2013, Yes, I did find a Wedding DJ. His name is Coollen Ong and you can find him on Facebook. Alternatively, contact Adam Malik, he is a Wedding celebrant and Wedding Planner. I'm sure he can find you a reasonably priced DJ. Adam seemed quite honest and very reasonably priced, so I have booked him for my Wedding in July 2013. Hope that helps, cheers! :-)
  11. Hello Infinity83, we are a group of passionate photographer from Malaysia (originated from Penang). Please feel free to visit us for some stunning photos we produce recently. BTW this is example of Australian Groom's, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150770224522970.429489.42882787969&type=3

  12. Yes, I saw that video a while ago. It definitely was an ingenious idea.
  13. I've heard that Edwin Tan is good, If you check the forum you'll see some of the other brides have used him before and there are reviews on quite a few KL photographers. You just have to trawl through the MB forum. Cheers
  14. I contacted him when i was looking for quotes. He seemed to be really quite expensive and didn't want to shoot long days. Also, i got the impression it was more about the money than anything else, so I stayed away.
  15. HAHAHA That's exactly what my Dad said to me! Good idea! Hmmm...maybe I should get the emcee to get my guests to participate ;p Oh no no lenaho! We were joking! lol. Besides, depending on when your wedding is, the craze may have died down and you will be considered "behind the times" if you do it.
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