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  1. I do agree with you, my husband treasures his freedom and friends more than me. When his close buddy is not around, then only he thinks of me and pretend to be a good husband to stay at home. I know it but just keep it to myself. I have talked to him on this issue many times, on how i feel and how much i need him to be by my side. How i hate it every night when i need to sleep alone, when he has excuses everynight to go out. I am so dissapointed and frustrated. Tonight is really a tough night for me. He is still not being honest to me, despite him telling me that he wont lie to me anymore (when i found out he is going to somewhere with his friends) He claimed he is at work but from the background, it doesnt sound he is at work place. Do you agree with this? When a person did nothing wrong, he wont acts strangely right?But today, my husband called me a few times and even sms when i purposely did not want to answer it. He asked me am I still suspecting him and why I dont pick up his call. I did not answer him and this makes him to feel more guilty. He thought i will be tailing him today as keep on asking me where am I. Seriously, i cant think of a good reason to forgive him. But just for the sake of my baby, what should I do? My husband pretend nothing has happened and be nice to me, but I cant. He hurts me alot.
  2. Hi Natalyn Yes. We have date for 3.5 years before getting married and from what I know he have never done this to me. Maybe we were not staying together in a roof, so he has more freedom during his bachelor time. I dont think he is stress out with my pregnancy, but of course waiting eagerly for the arrival of our new born. When I found out, i calm myself down (eventhough i was heart break and feeling disspointed with his act as I love him so much), i talk to him nicely an dtell him how i feel. Each and everytime I tell him how i feel when most of the time he goes out with his close buddy and neglect me. He understands it and promised to change his lifestyle. But up to now, still the same and his 'close buddy' will still keep on asking him to accompany him to here and there. As though i am not my husband's wife. This makes me so mad and I cant accept this friend of him. My husband told me that he is not interested to have special relationship with a guy, but just that he treats him as a very close friend which they know for 10 years. This makes me jealous alot as my husband will tell him lots of things which sometimes i doubt i know it. The close buddy is ruining our marriage life and I dunno how to overcome this. I hate this close buddy alot!!! And he is the main culprit that makes me argue with my husband. As my husband always do not reject his invitation. This weekend will be a tough weekend for me as I will be alone at home and my husband goes for his one day trip with his friends (without invitating me) I cant accept this fact, frm the day I find out the he lies to me and in actual fact he is goin out for fun.
  3. Hi Im married for 9 months and my husband loves to hang out with one of his close buddy, which sometimes make me jealous. I would say he tells him everything and even talk on the phone everyday 5-6 times a day. Luckily he a guy too, but I dont like the fact that this buddy message me once and said that I stick to my husband too much. I should hang out more often with my friends rather than always with my husband. As I hate my husband going out at least 5 times a day at night, giving lots of excuses. I have voice out my unhappiness and wish he can stay at home and to spend more time with me since Im pregnant now. He promised but in the end did not do as what he promised. He and his close buddy is like cannot be separated. One day, my husband told me he needs to travel outstation for work purpose with his boss, somehow makes me uneasy and I dont really trust his words. I got to check his personal email and found out that he has book a room to Genting instead of to the place that he told me. My whole world shattered and I cant keep it to myself anymore. So I have asked my husband to tell me honestly what is happening around. At first he denied and even mad at me, asking me why i checked on his private mails. I cried and cried. In the end, he feels guilty and told me the truth. Saying that he is actually going to Genting with a few friends and of course his close buddy will be joining too. Reason being is he wants to spend sometime with his friends. I am so disspointed as why Im pregnant and still think of fun, to leave me at home alone when my due date is just around the corner?He appologies to me and said he lied to me because he knows i wont allow him to go. Before this, he even cheated on me, saying to celebrate farewell party with his colleague but i manage to find out he is actually watching movie with his close buddy. With all this, how can I accept his close buddy? And my husband acts makes me hard to trust him. What should I do?Please help. (he knows his close buddy for 10 years and just staying near to our house)
  4. Dear Pregnant ladies / MOMs Im 6 months pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I think now will be the perfect time to buy baby accessories bit by bit. I have a question in my mind, should i buy breast pump now or after my delivery?As the price of breast pump is not cheap, what if my milk supply is limited and it will be a waste to invest in breast pump. Appreciate if you could advice me on this, especially experienced mothers :)
  5. Dear Ladies I feel better after reading all your post, that most HB did masturbate during wife's pregnancy. I feel sad because i cant accept the fact that my HB did that, as we used to be very intimate and active in ML, but now he doesnt request from me anymore. I even tried to ask him on his needs and he told me he did not have ML in mind at the moment because he knows im not convenient to do it. But why if he doesnt think of it, he still masturbates himself?He still does it frequently. What my concern is, Im afraid he will be addicted to it and after I deliver the baby, he will still continue to do it. Im so scared that he prefers to masturbate rather than ML with me, it will hurt my feelings, that Im no longer attractive. In fact, I did offer him from time to time to help him 'release' it, but he rejected. Think he prefers to do it on his own. I did asked him once on the reason of not ML with me, he said he doesnt feel comfortable and cant hold me as tight as possible (as what we used to do it). Thats why he choose not to ML. Told him many times that it wont hurt the baby, but I guess he loves the baby so much that he prefers to masturbate and make sure the baby is safe. My main concern is will he stop doing it after my delivery?Im so scared he is addicted to it.
  6. Dear MOMs to be I am currently 6 months pregnant and happy with my married life. My husband and i used to have active sex life when i was not pregnant. Recently I have discovered something from my husband which upsets me alot and having a hard time to deal with it. He has been downloading porns from Internet and from time to time, he will sits in front of the laptop and masturbates himself while viewing the porns. I was not aware of it until recently, I was taking a nap in our room and when i woke up, i open the door and saw him jumped up and quickly wear his boxers. I suspect something is going on and only realised he has been masturbating himself. I try to forget this incident but it happened again the next day. At night, after I slept, he was in the living hall playing PS games. Suddenly i woke up by switching on toilet's light. And i pretend to sleep. My husband was actually just finished with masturbating himself again. I really cant accept it this time. I cried silently. Since Im pregnant, i did told him is safe to ML as long as i feel comfortable, but he has some phobia of scared to hurt the baby. I have been telling him my needs,but he rejected all. I think thats why he has choose to masturbate rather than ML with (fear of hurting the baby). Please advice me. I am really upset with his act though i know he is not betraying me and for the sake of my baby's health and me as well. But i cant accept it. Should I confront my concerns to him,but im afraid that will make him shy. Please advice
  7. Hello to all mothers to be 2012 Im new to this forum and manage to register myself for the first time I will be a first time mother too in year 2012 and expected to deliver on 4th Jan 2012. Im so excited about it and cant wait to see my baby soon.
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