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  1. my wedding pics was took at there since year 2007, i very satisfied their photographer & makeup artist service, and i like my photo as well. My photographer is Abby, she is lady boss at there. you can ask her to help u. But a bit not satisfied is there not much gown to choose, maybe that few months there have renovation, so not in too much new gown. but anywhere, i like their photos very much... u can see my wedding pics at my wedding website as below, but note is 3 years ago...heh! http://brandonwinnie.weddingannouncer.com
  2. hi, do u mind to send me the link? winniehwn@hotmail.com
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  4. count me in pls, winniehwn@hotmail.com
  5. hi girls, link sent...pls check
  6. can share with me? winniehwn@hotmail.com
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