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  1. AnnabellaTan added a post in a topic Movie   

    I enjoy watching movies too! But like you said, they are too expensive
    cant afford if go to the cinema frequently
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  2. AnnabellaTan added a post in a topic Movie   

    Are you kidding me? Star Wars is lower than my expectation.
    I expect it could be better! Disappointed me
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  3. AnnabellaTan added a post in a topic Any Introduce for Mobile Internet package?   

    im just using free wifi for downloadin games, video, music. hahaha. free wifi everywhere meh..
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  4. AnnabellaTan added a post in a topic Urgently need Air purifier and Air cond..   

    What?? RM1500 for an air purifier?? i think you have bought expensive stuff.. i bought panasonic air purifier for RM1000 only.. it has nanoe purification which can cover entire room.. that's why i loved it...

    can i ask is it mean we can only get 2 years extended warranty by redeem it with points??
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  5. AnnabellaTan added a topic in Wealth Management   

    Planning to refinance my house.
    Recently, have been thinking to refinance my house in Damnasara. Need extra cash for business..
    My loan amount is RM500k which started from year 2009.
    There are few bank with BLR minus interest rate.
    Currently using Standard Chartered with BLR +1%. For sure, there will bepenalty charges if want early settlement,which is around 6%.
    For me it's high, so I need to think twice about early settlement. Anyone here can suggest which banks loans provide better rate ?
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  6. AnnabellaTan added a post in a topic Wang Lee Hom is indeed a Music Man !   

    Hey guys, what do you think about this MTV ? is it
    cool ? hehe.. just submitted my entry today.. I'm here to
    wish all the other contestants good luck too, tmrw is the
    last day to submit your entry .. go go submit now!!
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  7. AnnabellaTan added a post in a topic Honeymoon at F1 Sepang??!!   

    hahahha, sepang nice place also lah
    BTW for the F1 season like now, many activities going in KLCC
    MAyb u luck enough to win some freebies for ur husband beside u can also shopping there
    So go KLCC for this weekend....
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  8. AnnabellaTan added a post in a topic Saya Suka Malaysia   

    i think is at 16th sept 2011 if i'm not mistaken... anyway,i will start to check on facebook every second today onwards.hehehe
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