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  1. october.guy added a post in a topic Vivi Bride @ Jln Loke Yew   

    well, it is not that i didn't ask properly. just that like kancheong, i'm a newbie too when i walked into vivi during the expo. and, i have no intention to sign up with any bridal house at that time. so, i didn't prepared for it and frankly, i have no idea what to look for and what to expect. i agreed that they did a good job in telling and explaining to me almost every single thing in detail, and we did get those in black and white. hence, i'm not blaming anyone for any hidden cost incurred to me. proudly, i think i did quite well with all the hidden cost because i kena none except the "empure". one for me (and i don't even know why i agreed with that "empure" on my face) and one for my bride, total cost RM100.

    what i am not happy and asking you all to watch out with vivi is, they told me that my album will be done in taiwan (just a recap, i took the malaysia package, meaning, shooting is in malaysia). according to them, all their albums, regardless if it is a taiwan or malaysia package, are done in taiwan and sent to malaysia. somehow, i found out that their so called "taiwan" is actually just a few block away from their shop. for those taking the taiwan package, may be it is true that the album is done in taiwan but i really doubt for the malaysia package. and to make it look like my album really flown in from taiwan, they kept the album even after they have received it from the album shop. this was told to me by the album shop boss himself.

    anyway, may i know if there is anyone out there signing up for the malaysia package and was told/promised that the album will be done in taiwan?
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  2. october.guy added a post in a topic Vivi Bride @ Jln Loke Yew   

    my personal experience, better don't sign up with vivi. the staff may be nice and friendly, that's their job requirement and especially a need if you haven't sign up. once signed up, you will find they are very not flexible. so, if u really want to sign up with vivi, make sure u have detailed out every single thing u wanted and get them write it down, black-and-white!

    for those taking the malaysia package (photo shooting in malaysia), do they tell u that the photo album will be produced in taiwan and courier to KL? however, since you are taking the malaysia package, there will be no cost to you? well, request them to have the album courier to vivi with your name on it, and only get it open for inspection with your presence. see what they say.

    for those taking the taiwan package (photo shooting in taiwan), do they tell you that you will have to pay additional for the postage/courier because the photo album will be sent from taiwan? (ya, you will have to pay because yours is a taiwan package and they expect u to collect in taiwan). same thing, ask for the courier bill and request to have the album open for inspection with your presence.
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