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  1. Thanks...i went to hyatt. Liked their ballroom. But the hotel don't allow for "chut mun" a.k.a gate crashing/bride fetching as they r concern it might disturb other hotel guest...anyone know any landhse in kuantan for rent for chut mun? Sigh...stress
  2. Hi all, i plan to have a wedding reception at kuantan hotel coz my fh from kuantan. We are looking at vistana hotel n hyatt. Anyone have experience having wedding reception there? Any feedback on both? Or are there better hotels in kunatan? Thanks for your help!
  3. hi, i'm interested. can i have your email? let's discuss from there. thanks
  4. Hi ladies, i plan to visit armadale but im away for a few weeks. Can anyone share with me the pre wedding n AD packages in armadale...wanted to see if it is within my budget... thx....cwlim8@yahoo.com
  5. hi barbie lee, can you share with me what is included in the rm3500 package? i'm considering them too...plz email to kherchia@gmail.com. thanks alot!
  6. hello to all BTB 2013! i will be having mine end of 2013. one in kl, another in kuantan, super excited abt ut but at the same time, stress level increasing with the planning coming. glad that this website provide lotsa great tips n info for newbie like, congrats to all!
  7. Plz share with me. Kherchia[at]gmail.com. tq
  8. Hi, your pics turn out so pretty. Can u pm me the details of ur pacakge? Thx Kherchia[at]gmail.com
  9. hi, i'm looking for a male stripper for my fren's hens night. anyone of you who had hire any good male stripper here, please give me the contact plz....need it by 26/11...thanks alot
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