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  1. Hi all, what a hot topic here!!! Actually, i started an Emergency Fund for my parent. Since both of my parent are still working now, so I started a program with Allianz called Living Care for Parent.. I pay RM600 a month to cover their final expenses and also their Medical and Healthcare Expenses for both of my parent. Quite good also, coz they cover my parent up to RM 1,000,000 for the coverage and also some savings for both of them in the event that they fell ill. My parent say don't want my money, so, i think i made a right choice to open this account for them coz when something happen to them, this account can really help them to cover the medical expenses.. Do you all ever think of that actually an Emergency fund planning like this can really help them and especially us when "things" happen to them?? Recently, one of my relatives just pass away due to severe illness, but actually, she can be cured but due to high medical cost and none of the children wanted to take up the payment, that's why the auntie eventually pass away.. I dont want this to happen to my parent.. So, i would rather take up my responsibilities to get an emergency fund for them while they are still below 60-years-old. This is just my sharing, but if anyone of you are interested to know more, pls call my agent: MR. TAN @ 01111922917.. He is good and patience..
  2. Dear All, Gong Xi Fatt Chai and Happy New Year. Recently, I received massive reply from my last post, and I would like express my deepest appreciation to this forum and the members who view my last post. FYI, We have launch another new plan called, LIABILITY SETTLEMENT PLAN, and there is a well response from the market as well. It is very normal and common for young people to bear a lot of credit card bills and loan nowadays. And people always seeking the best way to manage their debts and trying their very best to save more money for emergency usage. The recent statistic from Bank Negara Malaysia showed that more that 60% of youngster at the age ranged of age 25 to age 35 are suffering from heavy debts as well as the risk of Bankruptcy and this leads to increasing of Household Debts in Malaysia. This statistical data reflects that our Younger Customer have more purchasing power and more contribution to the National GDP than other level of customers in Malaysia. However, this group of people is also contributing the highest default rate in the country, at the same time, due to high commitments from their credit cards. As such, our company have launched this LIABILITY SETTLEMENT PLAN, to ease the burden and help the younger generation to settle their liability. Thus, if you would like to know more about this solutions, please feel free to call me @ +6018-3180861; or email me at stephentan.1solutions@gmail.com. Thank you very much and Have a great days. Regards, Stephen Tan, Buss Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd www.bussmalaysia.com
  3. Dear all, Do you know that your existing Medical card is subjected to 10% or 20% Co-Payment of your Medical Bills? For Example: John admitted into Hospital for 1 week (7-days)due to some illnesses and the bill is amounting at RM100,000. In this case, John is subjected to pay a 10% or 20% of the total bill of RM100,000. here's the calculation: Assume that the Room & Board Rate is RM300 per day, Co-Insurance: RM 100,000 x 10% = RM 10,000 Government Service Tax per days: RM 300 x 7-days x 6% = RM 126 Registration Fees(approximately): RM 80 = RM 80 TOTAL PAYABLE: = RM 10,206 GOOD NEWS!!! Allianz Powerlink Medical Cards cover 100% of the Medical Bill and you will not need to pay any amount shown above!!! Should you need further clarification, Kindly contact Stephen Tan @ 018-3180861
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