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  1. you wont feel comfortable with the flowy material hanging around your arm
  2. Ah..that's nice..then I dont have to worry ady.. thanks girls..Can save the money no need to buy evening gown..hehehe
  3. Hi girls.. I recently found a tailor who can do alterations on wedding gown. She charges quite reasonable too..like RM50 to alter size of an evening gown. And she is very friendly too. If you need to find someone to alter your wedding gown, I can PM you her contact no, Cheers
  4. Girls, I've recently rented a kua to wear during tea ceremony... But to save money, my fiancee kinda suggested that I wear this kua for dinner too because it is bling bling enough. Got anybody else that wear kua to dinner?
  5. I like the first one the most..it looks special and you are sure to stand out among the crowd wearing this..
  6. which is the part that you "designed" yourself? as far as I can see..everything look exactly like the original..lolol
  7. Hi girl, Are you looking for something like this?
  8. I'm sorry but the way your parents think is kinda wrong. What is the problem with doing things like the poor people? What is so wrong with being frugal? They might be rich but not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Gliiter, you've made the right choice to marry this guy. Have no doubt about this. Maybe you are still young that's why you think you deserved occasional treats. One day when you have children, you will grateful that your husband's effort to save every penny that he has. :) Cheers~
  9. I think you need to share your pain with your family. Times like this, you need your family and friends to be there for you and to give you the strength that you need to move on. I hate to say this but you gotto to move on with your life, get away from this man and start a new life with your baby. Sorry to tell you this, but you might be on your way to mental breakdown if you continue on to stay with him. Take care.
  10. Can you PM me the full name of the florist so I dun go to them? thanks
  11. Hi girls.. I am wondering if any other girls here are registering their marriage on Valentine's Day? .
  12. Yah like what other girls had say.. Dun ever compare with your friend. Okay, your friend is very lucky and she must had done a lot of good deeds in her past life to be able to have a partner who pays for her everything. But I am sure your husband must have got his good sides too for you to decide to marry him.. :) About him asking you to pay for some of his things, I feel that there is nothing wrong with this because husband got problem sure ask wife to help first. If wife also cannot help only go find others. For myself, we had planned out our expenses, where my soon to be hubby will pay for the bills, groceries and food. And we will share our rental. I normally cook dinner at home but sometimes when I got extra money, I will tapau and belanja him makan. But when we go out, sometimes he will pay, sometimes i will pay. But when with go out with PARENTS, he will be the one paying..kekeke+
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