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  1. "Looking for the right entertainment company on your wedding/event especially music live band? Pm me at jenny.themuseent@gmail.com

  2. yes, insert it in the thread but not a link. how did you make it?
  3. Everytime I want to share a picture I don't know how to insert an image which is found online. Somtimes I choose download and then attach, though. But I really want to know how to. Like this picture http://www.ambersbri...ding-dress.html How to catch an image's url? Any response would be far kind.
  4. Happy new year everyone. Big news. I've just got this nice and elegent wedding dress, and I can wait to put it on, my honey say, I'm the most beautiful bride in the world. http://www.ambersbri...ng-dress-2.html My honey and I are planning a destination wedding to Panama in May. Do you think is it fit for a beach wedding? Every opinion would be far kind.
  5. hI, everyone. I am new here. Happy new year. Have a good day.
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