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  1. jade

    ailin's Pre-Wedding

    hi ailin, Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with your hubby... you both look so romantic and i can feel that you both so enjoying the photo shooting from the smile... :) Nice photo gals....
  2. hi sally, Thanks for sharing the photos... you really look enjoying your photo shooting with your hubby.... so funny.. :)
  3. Hi Sally, Can you please share your photos with me?? mingjade@rocketmail.com Thanks.
  4. jade

    ailin's Pre-Wedding

    Hi ailin, Can you share your photo with me? mingjade@rocketmail.com Thanks.
  5. jade

    June's Pre-Wedding

    hi june, Can share with me too ?? :P mingjade@rocketmail.com Regards, Jade
  6. Happy Wedding Xiao Xiao... :P
  7. Hi JooJoo, Sorry for the late wishes too... Happy Marriage!! Enjoy! Regards, Jade
  8. Hi Athena, Thanks for sharing... i think your photos is lovely and you look nice and elegant... Lovely couple... i like the photo 009.... is cute! Regards, Jade
  9. Hi Mickey, Happy marriage to you!! Happily forever..... Regards, jade
  10. hi myteddybear, Do you mind sharing me your photo? mingjade@rocketmail.com Thanks.
  11. Hi ailin, I'm so sorry if i did offended you. I don't mean you are getting commision, because you start the first post with all the details, i though you are the one who baking the cake and you are lilian. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this information and i do love the cake. I hope to get this kind of cake for my wedding too. :P Regards, Jade
  12. Hello ailin, Are you the one who baking all these cakes? Regards, Jade
  13. Hello Adeline, Your photos look nice and alot of different styles. I think you must be adding a lot of poses in your album.. :P Besides, you look so nice and lovely... Regards, jade
  14. Hello jocelyn, Do you mind sharing me the wedding photo too? mingjade@rocketmail.com Thanks. Regards.
  15. Hello Adeline, Can i view your wedding photo also? mingjade@rocketmail.com Thanks. Regards, Jade
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