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  1. Sounds pretty good! Tesco isnt near my house but not consider as far too I might visit it on this coming weekend haha! anyway, thanks for sharing
  2. ya.. baking is my interest, i'm still a newbie there are still a lot to learn
  3. Since Raya is close by, my partner and I decided to bake some biscuit or cookies to sell but first, we have to buy those baking machines anyone know where can buy them in cheaper price?
  4. erm, i think u can try apply loan from SME lah. last year i applied from SME too. but the procedure is quite complicated and takes long time lo. just apply it if u can wait la :)
  5. omg omg so fast today is the last day alr to win the free tickets...i want it so bad la!!!
  6. hey all, wanna share a MV with u guys now.. which is from my idol - G Dragon.. hope u guys enjoy yeah!!
  7. "Looking for the right entertainment company on your wedding/event especially music live band? Pm me at jenny.themuseent@gmail.com

  8. Today is the last day of the I Love Tablet Fair la..will hang around to look for last minute cheap stuff later.. keke ^^ but hope that i can get a new Samsung tablet tonight la cz i don't think to wait til the PC fair lo
  9. happy chinese new year to you all!!! gong xi fa cai!!! today is the first day alr.. so fast la.. how many angpao did you guys receive?? and how's the reunion dinner last night?? mine was so great cause we ate from 6 to 10.. hehehe
  10. hello!! this is popo.. newbie here.. nice to meet ya.. and HAPPY CNY everyone!!! :)
  11. hello!! this is popo.. newbie here.. nice to meet ya.. and HAPPY CNY everyone!!! :)
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