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  1. "Looking for the right entertainment company on your wedding/event especially music live band? Pm me at jenny.themuseent@gmail.com

  2. Hi girl, I am also just newly join here. I found here quite interesting & i got a lots infomation sharing from all the sisters here. Good as our wedding preparation guideline too. Welcome ya.
  3. warm welcoming to u, girl.
  4. I do survey a lot mua at perak & Ipoh, her price is out of my budget and outstation is also an issue. My hometown is at Kampung Timah where a bit far from Ipoh. Finally I engaged with MoiMee Makeup, she charged me RM500 for 2 makeup under mother's day promotion. What is an extraordinary service form her is the pre tour to my hometown right after my payment. My family & I appreciate very much on her professional work way, give us more confidence level engaging her for bridal makeup. Not worry that she cheat me or lost the way to my house on the actual day.
  5. Where are you? I also interested on it!
  6. wow, sound very interesting on having photo booth!
  7. I wish to have garden wedding last time, but after discuss with my hubby, we decided to celebrate as per traditional plan. More ppl can join us and our family prefer to cheer with relatives & friends
  8. Online shopping is very convenient nowdays. But the quality level is an issue sometimes. to avoid been cheated, need more survey before conduct the payment.
  9. Yes. We should educate them in correct way. Just in time for let them have early general sex knowledge since childhood period. So next time they know how to protect ownself & others, and know what should they do or should not do.
  10. Long distance relationship is very hard to maintain. Good luck for u lo
  11. Where is this MUA from? I am seeking for mua from perak
  12. Hi everyone. I am newbie. Nice to meet you all!!
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