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  1. Hi all, I would like to sell my wedding gown. It is a Amsale designer dress which is made with duchess silk satin. It has vintage swarovski bow brooth in front of the neckline. It photographs great! I would like to sell it for 1000 ringgit with the two layers long veil with crystal beads and comb attachment that match with the wedding gown. I am 5 feet 5 inches and wear 2 inches heel when wearing this gown. Measurement of the gown :Bust 34, Waist 27 and Hip 37 Please email me at wegness99@hotmail.com if you are interested. Serious buyers only please. here are the photos: by model on runway: close look on brooth and the veil crystal beads edge: Some of my wedding photos:
  2. I have been using the whole set of CDP since Nov 08. I think i give credits to their cleanser among all. 1.Refreshing Cleansing Foam (Mousse Nettoyante Fraiche) Cleanser I like it a lot since i feel my face is clean after using it without any tight feeling. Will i rebuy it? I would say yes. It lasts for 6 months for using day and night. 2. Refreshing Balancing Lotion (Lotion Fraiche) Toner It minimizes pores and soften your skin. I like it. Will i rebuy it? I would say no. So far, i didn't see any big impact. I will rather go for Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence for lower price. 3. Oil Balancing Gel (Gel Equilibrant) Oil Balancing Gel Its function is to balance excess oil production for the oily/combination skin. Will i rebuy it? yes or no. So far, i think Dermedex , a local singaporean brand works better for me. 4. Clarifying Serum (Serum Eclat) serum Well, it is to moisuturize skin. I don't quite like it and don't see any changes since using it. I will not rebuy it. If you want to buy CDP, I think Hong Kong Airport has better price. I am not sure if Japan has even better price.
  3. hi wegness, it's really a good price!! are you from sg?? Hi Rosayee, I am based in US now. :)
  4. hi Phuisan, I got mine from http://www.whatgreatskin.com/ (i know some singaporean girls got theirs from this website too--http://www.flowerpod.com.sg/forums/index.php?showtopic=12441&st=2160) But i am not too sure how the shipping works. The prices are great.
  5. Hi Ceetee, You are welcome. I agree with Chihuahua. There are no wedding gowns in factory outlet in general. But you can find some store carry formal evening dresses, such as BCBG,Laundry Shelli, Kenneth Cole, JCrew, Ann Taylor. You can shop in Macys, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue or Lord and Taylor. For Shoes, i think you can check in Nine West, Aldo, Nina( a wide selection of wedding shoes),Touch Ups (bridal shoes line). If you want to splurge, can check Stauart Weitzman (they do have sales depends on when youa re coming.) Ann Taylor does carry wedding shoes too. You can check from their website http://www.anntaylor.com (check if there is any store nearby the area that you are going to visit and do carry wedding line). If you want to check reasonable price wedding gown, you can stop by David's Bridal. http://www.davidsbridal.com/index.jsp
  6. Hi Ceetee, If you talk about the Tanger Outlets in Barstow, California, here is the link that you can check the store list: http://www.tangeroutlet.com/barstow/directory/ This outlet does not have top designer brands, but they do have Coach if you like or you may find Ninewest shoes for decent prices. :)
  7. Oh wow, little clement will have his bro/sis. :) Congrats, Vernis!!! Take care. SS
  8. Hi BTBs, my AD wedding in BC is posted in BC website: Wedding Album II http://www.bankersclub.com.my/wedding.htm Hope this photos will help you to have idea how it looks. I did have tough time to look for sample photos when i did research on this venue. I just had the basic minimal decoration which was provided by BC without engaging any decorator. I believe BC package added more freebie than back in my time. Good luck. SS
  9. Hi wegness, Im a newbie here just bumped into the forum a few days ago. I am very keen on taking up BC as my AD venue after all the compliments, but too bad stil didn't manage to see your AD seeting, i know it has been a while from now but do you have any site so that i can browse thru? Thank you very much!! Hi SanSan, I sent to your PM box. SS
  10. I am using clinique and Avene together as well for morning. 1 st Step: Avene Cleanance soap-free facial cleanser 2nd Step: Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer - Combination Oily to Oily I like this one a lot. It is not oily or greasy at all. 3rd Step: (during winter time) Hydrance optimale SPF 25 (as my sunscreen plus hydrating moisturizer). Another item that i like frm clinique is its All About Eyes .
  11. I am using this eye cream during winter time. It works really good. But i am not too sure in Malaysia because the weather is hot. I used this before. It is good to clear out your skin. it is oily combination skin type. Kiehls is very generous on giving out samples. You can always get samples and try it out before you buy. Personally i think they are economically wise and good quality on certain products.
  12. Hi Ladies, Can you recommend a good doctor in KL/PJ/Sunway area for body check up (annual check up, pap smear etc) ? I am not really familiar with the doctors or hospitals in KL. Normally how much will it cost? Thanks in advance SS
  13. wegness


    I am another satisfied bride. I am the one who started this thread as well as had a wonderful experience with Jim and Ning. I had my 2nd round personal potrait with Jim after my AD. I love his works a lot. I found them about 2 years ago (see the date that i started this thread and my earlier dilemmas). I was planning my wedding in overseas and this couple Pgs are very low key until i cannot get any resources related to them. I even asked my friend who is from Ipoh and helped me to look for them. My mom thought i was crazy and trusted a pg that i didn't know much. Finally there were 2 people helped me in this forum who are ailin and jetfynn. i decided to call them in person that made me even more confident on their works. I have contacted many malaysia pgs from high end to medium range. I feel more comfortable with Jim and Ning who understand what i like and envision. I had an experience that a pgtold me the style that i wanted is impossible because i was not having my wedding in western countries--(He cannot create those westernize romantic wedding for me.) But after i searched up and down, finally i made up up my mind to engage Jim and Ning. My wedding was a chaotic and "eventful". But they helped me along the way(calm me down and told me what i should do) and it really made my day. The photos that in my AD cannot tell the flaws of the day. They delivered a perfect AD story to me. I would say not many wedding pgs can deliver customer services like what they delivered to me. For the BTB who have problem to contact them. I would say it is better to call them or make an appointment to meet them in person. You can see if you like their style and their personality. The package is in the higher end range but i would say it is well invested based on my own experience.
  14. Hey Maxine, The photos are fabulous. These photos will be even more stunning when they are printed out in the album. I believe the AD photos will even more special and meaningful. Jim and Ning really personalize wedding photos for every couples. You can tell his portfolio is different from every couple due to what style and vision that you want. Both of you look really good. (p/s: Maxine is pretty in person as well) :) Shiow Shin
  15. Hi MBs, I am going back to KL next saturday. I will bring this WG with me back to KL. If anyone interested in this WG, please let me know --we can make schedule and meet in order to see the gown . Tonight i will try to post some of its photos. Btw, it can be strap or strapless.
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