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  1. Hi there, I had my wedding in Intercontinental KL last year.
  2. I went to my gynea and she told me i have Endometriosis. Wanna check what you girls what other symptoms there is beside lower abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or constipation, low back pain, irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding, or blood in the urine Please advise. my gynea in Australia is not cheap. AUD 230 for a check. luckily its partially funded by the government and my out of pocket cost also cos me aud 110. thanks
  3. I just had my wedding last month and i thought i wanted to share my wedding cake with the girls out there.
  4. Which is better hilton KL in Stesen Central or doubletree by hilton in Jln Ampang. Am looking at which hotel provides good facilities and services. thanks
  5. We are going to have a Super Mario theme.
  6. You can try http://kkcafeteria.com I got my caterer from there.
  7. you can buy couple pajamas from here. http://www.cafepress.com.au/+couple+pajamas
  8. hi all, Is it necessary to get a edible wedding cake for the reception? I'm having about 550 guest for my wedding dinner. thanks
  9. it looks good on you. mind telling where did u get it from ?
  10. can i have a look at it as well. email is PM to u.
  11. does anyone know where can i alter wedding gown in KL as i got my WG from overseas.
  12. i will be giving out honey( given by hotel) customize boxes with my theme on it (on my own expense) . will it be sufficient or do i need to decorate the boxes? ie adding ribbon?
  13. will reveal after my wedding . =)
  14. hey all btb, I was wondering what is the difference between ampoule and primer?
  15. hey all, Just a quick question. Me and my hubby have ROM in the beginning of the year and we are going to have our AD end of the year. We are both residing abroad and just going back KL for holiday/ take pre wed shots. When we go back to KL do I (the wife) stay in his house or do i stay in my own house even though we have not gone through our AD yet. Before we ROM we have been staying with each other, sometimes in my house and sometimes in his house till both of our parents are not asking where are we staying. We can just pack our bags and go off to either sides hse to stay. Both parents are open minded. Suggestions are needed.. thanks.
  16. what about if you stay abroad and only come back to malaysia once a year for 2 weeks.. how would one spend time with both parents and PIL.
  17. my chi muis and heng tas will decorate for me according to what i want.
  18. Am looking for graphic designer to design some things for my wedding. Please pm me. thanks.
  19. Hey michelle can you pm me the details. thanks .
  20. does anyone know where can i buy wedding theme items in KL? My theme would be based on a cartoon show. thanks.
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