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  1. "Looking for the right entertainment company on your wedding/event especially music live band? Pm me at jenny.themuseent@gmail.com

  2. Should anyone of you required a housing loan or to refinance your loan, please contact me as well. I am Panel for AIA Home Loan (4.85% fixed for whole tenure without lock in period), OCBC Bank, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, CIMB Bank, UOB Bank, Alliance Bank, CITI Bank, and Public Bank. My name is Stephen Tan from Buss Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd, specialize in Insurance, Mortgage Loan, Commercial Mortgage, Loan and Liability Settlement Program, Business Financing for SMEs and Bridging loan for Development. Call me at +6018-3180861. or email me at stephentan.1solutions@gmail.com.
  3. Dear All, Sorry to say that the rapid increasing of Household Debt is mainly due to Personal Loan and Credit Card outstanding... So the best way to stop all this is to plan your money wisely and I have a programme can help you to settle the payment when something happen to you. It is call LIABILITY SETTLEMENT PLAN, and if you need any further explanation, please feel free to call me @ +6018-3180861, I'm Stephen Tan from Buss Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd Website: www.bussmalaysia.com
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