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  1. Hi Amy, I email to you d lo, Give some comment a Thanks
  2. Looking for what kind of service? i am also looking, my AD will be next year. I have done my pre-wedding in Korea, looking for rental of gown for my actual day. so far, look tru Ariel Wedding, Just Wardrobe, and some bridal house. Ariel Wedding offer very wide range of wedding gown and dinner gown, the rental price start from RM300, they also have some high range, which is much higher quality. They said, all of their gown is imported, mainly from Asia and all over the world. Its nice. They only provide sales, the price mostly start from RM400 to thousand. I found their wedding gown a bit yellowish and some organza is grey, most start from RM800 to thousand. Just wardrobe have much of choice on dinner dress, more like prom night dress, have choice for bridesmaid as well. Bridal house mostly they want you to sign up with their package, or, rental of wedding gown could be start from thousand to few thousand. Which is totally out of our budget. Looking at actually day photoshooting as well, have few choice on hand, which have not decide yet. Went to Ariel Wedding, they provide a lot of service as well, their collaborate with Kevin Chooi and Kenn foo for photoshooting. If sign up with them, I could get my rental of gown at a very good price. Others, like Victor, Sunny, and etc, still looking. Cannot confirm which to choose, every1 offer different style, which I like as well.
  3. I am thinking to DIY my own slideshow. any1 could introduce good software (prefer freeware)? I perfer to have some theme design, any recommend?
  4. my total package is about RM10k+ All softcopy returns (mine, got roughly 3xx-4xxpcs) 5.5 hours for unlimited shooting 30pages album (with 30 pcs edit photo) 1 canvas printing (forgot the size) 2 wedding gown, 1 dinner gown and 1 mini wedding dress Groom suit 1 set and 1 exchange coat ( can match different vest, tie and bow) 1 to 1 Airport transfer 1 translator (English or Chinese) 1 professional make up assistant All the transportation for pre-wedding. Delivery charge to Malaysia 1 meal during pre-wedding photoshooting session Can bring along 1 own dress, either cheong sum/kwa, or couple T or etc lo We do not bring anything to Korea for photoshooting. The studio provide all the necessary things Like shoes (for brides and groom), accessories, man’s shirt and etc. We have a overall make up and hair do in beauty salon, and the make up assistant will help to touch up, exchange accessories, and hair do, from time to time during the photoshooting session I did not count how many image change, because, tats too many, haha, different flower and tiara, veil and etc At first we are quit worry about the conversation, but, the end, we do not need to worry at all, the translator did a very good job. The translator will be follow for all the section, include dress selection, make up and photoshooting session Our wedding planner in Korea, will also coming, to make sure all the process is going smoothly. Specially like their album, the printing is so nice tat, that we did not see it in Malaysia. Different quality of paper. And the cover is in leather, vintage and long lasting outlook. The album design mainly is fullpage, except some design pages. Simple and clean. Very satisfy with the service and the photoshooting session. I heard tat they now have branch in Malaysia. You could contact them, to know more about their service. Heard that now they have even more studio to choose from, at affordable price, and for Malaysia and Singapore couple, the price is start from 5xxx, which is much cheaper than mine If you need you help, you can contact me as well, I still have contact with my SA in HK.
  5. Hi all, sorry for late ya, i sent to your email address. enjoy viewing :)
  6. Hi All, I have sent some of my photo to your email. hope you guys enjoy viewing ya :)
  7. Hi Thy, sorry, because wrong post, did not really look at this page. i post it to prewedding post, at here http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/topic/29788-pre-wedding-photo-in-korea/ will sent some of the pic to you after i back from office :)
  8. sorry, long time din open malaysia brides. you can leave your email to me. :)
  9. I view on their photo from fb, mainly they are copy studio design from Korea studio. But if compare to Korea studio it is still a big gap in between. And I notice they even steal some of the photo from Korea studio as advertise their brand. I notice this while I browse around Korea studio. Guess what I found from Wonkyu Studio (a quite famous studio in Korea) They was given warning to Artiz studio, because used Wonkyu’s photo to advertise and a lot of works is not from them. For some brides who can read Chinese, you can read Wonkyu's warning from their website in china, with this link http://www.am-sy.com/About/ Of course, as apple to apple comparison, it is unfair to compare Artiz studio with other Korea studio. But, for those bride to be, make sure u really like their work(make sure it is by them) before sign up, because the works you see, might be not be the work u will get. I suspect, there are more photo which copy from other Korean studio. If have budget, it is good to have a real Korean pre-wedding in Korea. A good experience. Yet, pre-honey moon, :)
  10. but, anyway, it is only my comment, I have done my last year with Ti-amo Hong Kong. Heard from my SA, they are now have branch in Malaysia, where we could direct deal with branch in Malaysia instead in Hong Kong. I have mine sign up in Hong Konh branch last year. it is really a nice experience to have the pre-wedding in Korea.
  11. yeah, i go into their fb and look tru, the photo sample is really nice, but look at the customer photo is a bit out from the sample. look like they are intimate the studio design into their studio. Previously i have check out few studio in Korea, most of the studio is handle by wedding planner in Korea. where there will help to arrange everything include translator for oversea couple like us. So, far i check few wedding planner company, their outcome is the same as their sample, (mostly), only this Artiz studio, i notice the customer photo is totally out from the sample, including their background if compare to sample. the colour tone as well. So, i am wonder, are we sending to the correct studio, to take the picture as what we wish from the sample photo? have any 1 sign up with them?
  12. I heard it from one of my friends, they are photoshooting in Korea? or copying style from korea studio and shoot in kl?
  13. specially like this studio, they really did a lot of effort on design their studio. Indoor lighting, but, the outcome is really......nice. and romance. When we choose the studio, its really headache, all the photo and studio, look so good. The end we have to depend on our budget and choose the 1, both of us like 1. The end we choose this studio out of 20+ (i think 20-30 studio). I have resize it to smaller size, so it could upload into MB. If any 1 is interested, may leave your email to me, for better photo quality
  14. Some photo take while make up. look great? their make up is so natural, simple and sharp outlook. love their make up, specially hair do...... Make up is done at Salon, then we are sent to Studio to start our shooting. hehe The assistant will help to touch up, and change the accessories from time to time, even we did not change gown. So, It have more looks with the same gown, which i think it is different with Bridal house here, izzit? Even, they provide high heel for brides and shoes for groom, they service is so sweet. I can change different different heel.....hehe
  15. When do we have bridal fair again in KL? except 27-29 April and August in Midvalley? Any?
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