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  1. lurve added a post in a topic Furniture - Sofa and Mattress   

    well since u said its so cheap and worth it, then i'll go with my friend later la. better grab good deals before too late hahaha. typical girls u knw haha. i just went to their website and see the catalog and they did offer sofas with discounted price. thanks btw!!
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  2. lurve added a post in a topic Furniture - Sofa and Mattress   

    hahahaha, ya this one a very best friend of mine la. courts ah?? i heard alot ppl say they got prob with customer one wor, all like dont wanna serve kind. btw how cheap is cheap?? those its like clearance kind of things isit?? 
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  3. lurve added a post in a topic Furniture - Sofa and Mattress   

    I am asking for a bestfriend of mine, bcos she wanted to buy a sofa from harveyy and it cost her like 10k LOL. just a simple looking design kind of sofa cost so much meh. i was like telling her its defo not worth it, plus its not a designer brand kind somemore for what wanna waste so much money on it. so any recommendation can get value for money kind of sofa ard ? i was think helping her to get cheap ones since she just moved in a new hse alone, so better save cost la. 
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  4. lurve added a post in a topic how to tell my son to reduce phone usage ?   

    no choice... my children love to use the phone and play games and go online.... i know its not good but now everyone is like this... no one can survive without their phone.
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  5. lurve added a topic in General Topics   

    aiyo, why call to Aussie so exp one ?
    i nvr know calling to oversea like Aussie can be so expensive.normally calling like these charged so high ah ? wanna video chat also scare le.. how leh ? i wanna see my darling everyday.
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  6. lurve added a post in a topic Ipad Air ?   

    I m not so into apple product .. moreover this Ipad Air does not have the Touch ID finger print Scanner...quite disappointed.Really cant accept need manually unlock lo
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  7. lurve added a post in a topic Urgently need Air purifier and Air cond..   

    Now these 2 items are HOT sell..because as i know most of the electrical shops are out of stocks now. btw, i'm using Sharp for both products because of their Plasmacluster technology lo..but i paid around RM 1,600 for the air purifier only hehe
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  8. lurve added a post in a topic Planning to refinance my house.   

    Are you sure the refinancing will cover the penalty charges? Is it worth it? Anyways, I do know that Public Bank is giving BLR-2.0% and CIMB is -2.2%. Others not so sure so you have to ask around.
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  9. lurve added a topic in Introduce yourselves!   

    hi all! im a newbie here..hope i can gain more info thru this forum
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