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  1. anybody been to Maldives? i'm going there for honeymoon.... any advise>?? strawberry
  2. reen, yup, i did engage a wedding planner and in fact i didnt throw in xtra $$ for the deco... so i think Renaissance gives in for deco.... they even lift up my main table in the middle.... it gives a grand feel... my wedding planner is my emcee cum coordinator for that night... it has been 9 months preparation with him.... he is very professional and good talker... i even engage him to my singapore side dinner as emcee cause my parents in law likes him a lot......i can PM you the contact number if you want... strawberry
  3. i actually had my wedding banquet there on 29 december 2006... it was good and i never regret to hold it there.. my coordinator is Elaine.... she is superb.. she even make her effort to decorate the backdrop same as my custom made wedding card.... cause mine quiet simple.... everything went smooth except for the first march in..... food wise also very good... i think those who wanna held banquet, should consider reanaissance, cause they have nice deco compareto others hotels as well as the food portion and taste wise.... strawberry
  4. miao miao, i walso want to view... thank you... dont left me out ya! strawberry
  6. sally, can i view it too.. thank you..... keatsee6811@hotmail.com strawberry
  7. anan, you very pretty ler..... so is this the pictures b4 touch up? cause i see some haven touch up yet ;) ..... good shot... strawberry
  8. bebe, wah, your bf very romantic ler... i tell you, if he'll sing when you march in... you'll sure be so touch and cry..... strawberry
  9. applejoon, wah, very romantic ler..... then when she puts off her mask... something like the roman time...so what going to be yours? strawberry
  10. charliz, i asked my FH to do this you know whats his reaction? keep on laughing and saying the all the guest will left the hall immediately.....if he really do this, i think i will be so touched.... B) strawberry
  11. Hi all, would like to ask are there any unique way to march in.??? thinking od bridesmaid ballroom dancing in... but anyone tried or seen b4? strawberry
  12. hi, can i view it too? keatsee6811@hotmail.com strawberry
  13. i think if the first impression of this hotel is no good, then you might not need to waste your time nego with this hotel anymore... so many hotels out there and dun forget its once in a lifetime thingi....try to check out hotels in subang... think not so far from your house.... normally is the hotel should please you and its their honour to held your banquet in their hotel not sounds like begging them for it.... strawberry
  14. your hubby and you very "fu chai seong"..... :) somemore your hubby looks very "yau fuk seong"..... happy marriage strawberry
  15. piggy, i've check these two hotels before and even went to see thier actual wedding.... the only comment to give you is that concorde willling to spend more money in the decoration , very homely feel (except the pillar in the ballroom) compare to parkroyal..... they even put alternate air balloons below the light bulb for whole ballroom or restaurant... what i suggest you is that you and have a look of the actual wedding before you make decision.... B) strawberry
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