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  1. harryho46 added a post in a topic Electric store recommendation around Melaka   

    More than 10 years warranty? really? Rarely to see that home appliances offer warranty for more than 10 years.
    OK will look into it. Thank you for the information. 
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  2. harryho46 added a topic in General Topics   

    Electric store recommendation around Melaka
    Hi girls... Plan to get a new fridge on this weekend... 
    Any recommendation electric store around Melaka?
    I am looking for the store that offer reasonable price and good services. 
    Especially the after sales services due to previous unpleasure experience with the technician...
    Very rude, yet not professional in fixing my fridge and leave some scar on the fridge... 
    This time I want to avoid this kind of issue happen again at all cost. Hence, I came here to gather the experiences before going to purchase the fridge. Thank in advance.
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  3. harryho46 added a post in a topic itchy vagina   

    Thanks for y'all opinions, I know what I'm going to do now
    I will go and make an appointment with gynae a day or gv the medicine a try
    Thanks for helping me!
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  4. harryho46 added a post in a topic itchy vagina   

    VYI? What is that? Does it consider as terrible disease?
    Oh my.. please dont scare me, I'm so worry!
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  5. harryho46 added a post in a topic Planning to sell biscuit or cookies   

    where she buy ingredient normally?
    some places sell expensive ingredients, i dont like it!
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  6. harryho46 added a topic in Health Issue and Exercise during Pregnancy   

    itchy vagina
    I have an issue here. My vagina starts feeling so itchy recently
    Previously did feels itchy but just so so and intervals for long time but now things gone worse
    Anyone here experienced before?
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  7. harryho46 added a post in a topic Courts Promotion   

    Hmm, not sure about that. Maybe you can confirmed with them before placing order.
    but, the site did mentioned that the delivery are only took up 3-5 days (subjected)and for west Malaysia only.
    So I think, if you are live at west Malaysia normally is under the coverage of the delivery area.
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  8. harryho46 added a post in a topic Courts Promotion   

    As you stated, limited unit sure selling fast. Haha, so make sure you gonna be fast, before it running out of stocks. Plus this is the Memang senang online promo so you have to pre order it advance 14 days. Currently with free delivery. It's quite save I can said.
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  9. harryho46 added a post in a topic Courts Promotion   

    Yes, 30 days free exchange and refund. So after receive the products make sure check 1st. Or else after 30 days they will not taking responsibility to refund. Try out all? lol the 30 days free exchange and refund doesn't offer you to try out all the furniture for free. They only exchange and refund when the product is in bad condition, but you can probably afford to try out a few at the same time as the flexi credit allow you to pay for the lowest commitment monthly.  Reason with the 30days free exchange is because it's Courts online shop promo, and shoppers cannot see the actual product. That's why they come with this scheme, so that shoppers got no worry when shopping online.
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  10. harryho46 added a post in a topic Courts Promotion   

    Why not? flexi credit able to lessen your burden by paying full payment at once. If you worry about the interest you may choose a shorten period. It's your choice, btw, I also wanted to know any promotion from ike?
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  11. harryho46 added a topic in Setting up Home   

    Courts Promotion
    Found out some good deal at Courts. 
    I decided to share it over here for sis who are new marriage and wanted to setting up new home.  
    Now is the time. Enjoy shopping. 
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  12. harryho46 added a post in a topic Samsung Galaxy S3 is out???!!!!!   

    Well of course not only at Mid valley la…celcom also have launching at AEON Station 18 Ipoh and Sutera Mall at JB for these 3days only, so r u wearing blue today??
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  13. harryho46 added a post in a topic Anyone using samsung galazy tab 7.7 now?   

    Well it’s definitely better than the previous version la…this one have AMOLED technology display..so it’s much more better than the previous version….also weight only 340 g so it’s ok to put in handbag, very convenient =)!
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