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  1. i think one of the best part of celcom is stable signal and internet connection .really satisfied. I have been using celcom for 3 years and no complain about it.
  2. somehow it just didn't go in depth but actually you can find those package online and do a comparison on your own previously I use rm150+ for 3GB and i feel it just charge too much..and right now is rm88/mth also 3GB, doing fine
  3. but bro, not all area has 4G LTE coverage u know... and also, is voice call necessary nowadays? there are viber to replace it dy.. or maybe facetime.. somehow everyone will has at least 1 messaging apps like wechat.. am currently paying for rm88/mth for 5GB data la. very enough for me.
  4. i m currently using rm88/mth for 5GB and it is last until end of the mth.. i have came thru a blog which they have compared the plan among the telcos.. maybe u can check it out? http://technave.com/gadget/Opinion-Are-Malaysia-s-Mobile-Telcos-moving-in-the-right-direction-4180.html
  5. this one not bad~ apart from its good bargain, you can also control your child's usage and limit it.
  6. maybe try the celcom prepaid? Im using it now too, got lots of free data and no expiry date somemore. best plan out there.
  7. I have been with my darling for 5 years already and I should give her a lifetime promise - marry her. but come to think of the fund needed to spend on wedding, I am headache.. Catering, rental, wedding gown, decoration, photographer, hall rental, and the wedding card etc.. At least need about RM 50k for a good and memorable wedding. Normally how you guys spend on the wedding preparation ? should i cut down some cost or get more cash in hand ? Please advise..
  8. I love fashion, and I'm planning to expand my business now online. now i have around RM2k.. still need RM10k to promo by brochure, website and ordering clothes from korea and thailand. This is my first own business. need some opinions here. Shall I apply for loan for this ? Normally how much money do i need to open up a boutique shop online?
  9. If you think of this purifier can give you better health condition..don save this kind of money! citi reward is not just extend warranty..you will get 5 times rewards point once you spending at Harvey Norman, Sen Heng or others hypermarket . You also will increase chances to get the point by selecting the category that you think you will spend more.
  10. i also just bought one weeks ago...at first wanted to buy at Sen Heng with RM1499 which is cheapest but end up no stock...therefore went to Harvey Norman which slightly expensive RM1549..but because I used credit Card point to pay for extension of warranty for 2 years..save my money too
  11. Knowing that lee hom is coming to Genting in next month time, 28th March.. So yeah. I am memorizing the lyrics of the songs, so that I can sing along with him during the night.. hehe.. excited yo.. what about u guys? have u got your tickets bought? I wanna buy more tickets for my family.. any idea wherecan buy a cheaper price one ?
  12. woohoo !! just surfed the net, got ppl say that iphone 5 will be in Malaysia soon..i wan iphone 5 badlyyyyy.. really scare the long queue tho.. will need to wait for hours and not sure will it be sold out when reached my turn or not.. just saw their new spec and features online.. the long and slim design really suit my taste.. i wan black color one.
  13. haha..how to become superstar la if u shy shy??? By the way, did you know the prize for winning this competition??it’s 1 imported Lee Hom Bahamut dragon air guitar..LOL..or five autographed Open Fire greatest hits album..so,do you want the prizes??look here for more info la.. http://on.fb.me/znPJI4
  14. attain


    nice to meet u all!
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