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  1. Is it? I nvr heard it before. I'm a mother of 2 children, my v will discharge secretions when I'm pregnant but so far I didnt encounter any issue and my children are fine. I think it's doesnt matter
  2. hahahahah okok, better go later la after dinner. i also went n ask my sister cos she bought things there before n she said courts sell things cheap price and reliable.. dont wanna miss out anything cos my sister said she went on aircond fair and she went on last day quite sad cos alot things all sold out d.. thanks for the recommendation.
  3. What sort of home appliances you are wanting? Moving new house need all brand new home appliances only ONG mah! somehow I think Malaysia always have big sales. You can have a look in Aeon what for? I am thinking for washing machine but not for plate.. is for clothes Aeonn ah??? i've been there d. the discount they offered i see like not much only. i feel they raise the ori price and then only give discount to it. checked with some shops the price almost similar with ori price.. and then my friend previously bought smth there and got prob with warranty issue whr the warranty is not valid O.O dk why also... dont wanna take the risk la.. u knw la electronic things easy spoil U can try looking into Courts now. cos they gt quite a big sales there called jimat-jimat senang sahaja. I've been there last weekend and all i see its discount hahaha. bought myself a tv and fridge.. total also 2k plus only.. and plus got free delivery leh there is?? i always pass by the one nearby my hse gt see alot posters ard la but nvr once been inside even once. i tot i heard my friends all say they always sell old models one? hahahah im looking for kinda new models thou.. no point la even cheap also but buying old things.. later alot function also dont have. like kinda outdated lehhh haha
  4. Been looking for electrical products for my new hse like fridge, aircond all etc ard and couldnt seem to find any shop to give me gud price. went to senhen and i told them i buy so many things ask for more discount. they sort of like pissed off and didnt serve me that well after that. just playing ignorance all... now im pissed at their service. can anyone suggest me places?
  5. if we look at their ads, seems like every branch of courts got this promotion.
  6. Telco seems cheaper than retail price... RM2499 honestly too overpriced. Celcm price offer RM988 for device only.. anyone bought that package ? Im not sure it the price reliable..
  7. wow... amazing samsung galaxy note 4!! i love this phone ever since last week i play my friend's one.. cool features like 3.7MP front .. ngam ngam me for selfie! haha.. where in town offer the cheapest price for this model ? wanna get one for myself as a reward..
  8. I'm using RM128 per month with 2GB data. 4G LTE and free voice call. unlimited somemore. Damn good.
  9. see lo...of cz if u borrow loan u can have more nice and grand wedding.. fuyoh so got face haha
  10. why don’t u pay by credit card first leh if don’t have so much cash, after that just pay back the owning to the bank lo. This is the easiest way la. This massage chair I saw b4, is really good but too bad very expensive lo, I will not consider to buy ler
  11. it is easy to get food poisoning especially eating out at foreign places lo..for me i always buy travel insurance when travelling coz my last trip to Hong Kong during SARS...i was quarantined for 2 weeks coz they suspect I was having the influenza virus lo...but thank god the result came out negative.. anyway recently I checked Citibank have their travel insurance that pays you if you are quarantined as result of pandemic influenza..think RM 200 per day lo..think this is the first time I heard such coverage :) anyway here's the details of their policy if anyone is interested ok.. https://www.citibank.com.my/english/insurances/smarttraveller/index.htm?eOfferCode=MYINSLNST
  12. By dialing *128# to win prizes daily ? Real or not? Is that a contest or what ? If can WIN PRIZES DAILY, thn I wanna give it a try as well, that would make my wedding even more awesome!!!
  13. Actually I wanted to have a 40" Smart Full HD LED TV with surround system lo.. thought of it can put in my new house la.
  14. I am getting married soon. just something i am curious about.. is it wrong to ask for wedding gift instead of the Angpau $$$ ? nowadays, money is not that valuable, thats y thinking of GIFT, is it better?? wanted to list down the items that I was longing for.. does it sound too much ?
  15. Did you all read carefully or not on the term & condition ler… actually this competition does not only appy to MV but you can record your voice & send to 22009 or MMS Lee Hom like pose to 23131 lol… please it’s only for celcom user… so do not be shy anymore…grab the prizes now!
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