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  1. Hi Jacque, Their have dress division will serve you during you choosing gown. Don't forget share the nice picture when already taken ya
  2. Yup, their wedding gown is nice. i din't take outdoor shooting.
  3. Hi Amy, my package is 5 gowns for photo shooting.Their have facebook, you just write Korea Artiz Studio will find it.
  4. Hi Barbie Lee, their service is good right?^^funny and nice.
  5. Hi Renee, got many package can choose, Yaya,their service is good,funny and nice.
  6. I was signed up with Korea Artiz Studio at SS2. I wanna share my nice picture effect^^
  7. Ya,because my wedding on May,so rush. Shooting is at local,SS2 there.Yap,by korean photographer. Tq^^ i also really like it!
  8. Hi, I was signed up with Korea Artiz Studio at SS2 by last 2 weeks. They service is good and i has been shooting on last weeks and i really like the picture effect.
  9. I has been shooting at Korea Artiz Studio by last week, i really like the picture effect.
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