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  1. Hi hi...i m so sorry, didn't log in for a few days and sudah berlambak d enquiries. I m so so sorry my dears, both d vouchers have been sold... so this topic can b closed aradi, admin? abbygal, no worries. i am a person who honour her words. many of d forumers here know me personally.
  2. Dear all, It's been really a long while since i log into MB. really busy with work. I purchased two sets of vouchers last year from photobook at these prices: 1. A4 portrait photobook(softcover) 40 pages: Buy 2 Get 1 Free @ RM 256 2. A4 landscape photobook(hardcover) 40 pages: Buy 1 Free 4 A3 posters @ RM 190 Many reasons for me for not using d vouchers. Really really busy with work, and I've never been artistically inclined like some of our talented forumers here so I have tried to avoid DIY work as much as I can. I thought that probably I will really put in my best effort to create an album of my big day, but at last, one year on, I realise I will never be able to do it completely myself. I m willing to let the vouchers off at a discount of coz. Anyone interested please pm me asap!! p/s: dun worry abt d vouchers not being transferrable coz you only need to keep in the product promo code from the voucher once the template is completed. thanks
  3. Hi nyquist107, just a suggestion la...why don't you ROM on another day? then it won't be so rush and stress for you and your hubby. Wedding day suppose to enjoy yourself ma.and to travel from ampang to putrajaya takes at least one hour, if there are more than 1 car going then you have to add another 10 to 15 mins to the whole journey(not inclusive hunting for the right precint,right building and parking when u reach there).not forgetting that it's first come first serve basis at the registrar office, you might end up wasting your journey there even if you are early or punctual. perhaps you may want to think of changing ROM venue to somewhere nearer your house? my 1.5 cents worth of opinion.. :P
  4. Dear tomoko222,kath3303,and faithyng just emailed you my website...do remember to sign my guestbook ya!!
  5. Dear Huey Huey,tiffany,bubpeb and siow fui, You've got mail
  6. Dear cutiem627,babysiew,mimid3vils,nanakopy87,funlover, I just emailed/pm you! Got it?
  7. Dear Mandy,angelanpg,ChinSiew,queen25 Have sent email to all of you!! Furby and anan, sudah dapat?
  8. Dear Nana, Jean JJ,Tymin, Lil C,cutey,beautifulgown,and Rukia, Hi hi..have sent email or pm you all!!
  9. Dear Smiley,Sunny,Futurebride,Sweetcandy,Ris,ngcandy35,serene_bny,Joyce,violetlim,janice,sching2912,sharonyip,mhyap1,christine,adyong85,s2k,tamchiali,lexisgal and crasygal, You've got mail!! :P
  10. Dear angelchp,snowy and raine2007, I have pm/sent to your inbox!!
  11. Dear all, my pre-wedding pics(without touch up) are finally up!! Anyone interested just pm me ok.. MY BS- Armadale, PG-Alex and MUA-Remy
  12. hi hi yuki..may i know where u have ur OD ah?
  13. nafnaf


    mei, a raised scar easier to treat compare to one which dips into the skin. cica care gel v effective for kelloid like urs. but for such an old scar, need quite some time, prob 1 year or more. yes the scar won't go away, but it can b faded till u can't see it clearly...u wan more details i pm u in private ok..
  14. nafnaf


    mei, sorry for late reply, just saw it today. if u wan faster effect(and expensive method), u can of coz consider going to a doctor. if not, what i have mentioned above, the vit e cream and even cica care sheet works for surgery scars too. need to ask as well is it a raised scar? a ten year scar like yours takes quite long time to fade wo..
  15. hi hi!!! can i view ur pics too? thank u v much... my email: naf_1@yahoo.com
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